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Maximum smile, minimum effort

Straight teeth do not only have to be for the rich and famous. Nor does it need to be a rite of passage only for teenagers, leaving patients in their adulthood feeling like they are without convenient options when wanting to have the smile of their dreams. There are many options available for patients who […]

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Causes of Sore Gums in Children

The recommended age for your child to start their dental visits is before they turn a year old or when the first milk tooth erupts. While most parents will follow this advice, this does not negate the dental issues that might affect your child but rather minimizes their risk. Among the often-ignored elements of children’s

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Dental Bonding for Kids

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most sought after dental procedures. It goes a long way in enhancing a child’s overall dental formula by hiding undesirable defects. People who are looking to improve their smile in an easy, pain-free, and quick procedure will find dental bonding as the perfect solution. This versatile procedure requires a

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Common Oral Health Issues and Hygiene Tips for Seniors

Ageing comes with wisdom, experience, and maturity. Unfortunately, it also comes certain complications and being more vulnerable and sensitive to all kinds of issues. Limited mobility and age-related illnesses are not the only things the elderly have to deal with. They also have to deal with oral health issues that come with age. It’s not

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Immune System: The Unlikely Culprit Behind Cavities

When it comes to fighting infections and diseases, the immune system is the type of defense you’ll probably first think of. But ironically, in a recent study, it’s this very system that puts your well-being at risk, particularly your oral health. For the longest time, the majority think that it’s the nasty bacteria that are causing

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