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Straight teeth do not only have to be for the rich and famous. Nor does it need to be a rite of passage only for teenagers, leaving patients in their adulthood feeling like they are without convenient options when wanting to have the smile of their dreams.

There are many options available for patients who are looking for clear braces direct in London. By seeking specialist advice from their dentist, discussing options, concerns and questions with them and booking a scan to determine suitability, they could be eligible for a unique treatment plan that provides an easy, fast and effective way to straight teeth in a matter of months.

How is this possible?

When a patient simply wants to cosmetically straighten their teeth and have no misalignment issues with their bite, the process is a lot simpler when it comes to perfecting their smile.

Through many years of research and technological advancements, dentists have been able to design methods that are proven to work time and time again to conveniently straighten minor dental misalignments in order to give a patient the smile they have always dreamed of having.

Rather than the traditional method of gluing brackets onto each individual teeth and stringing wires through them to gradually move teeth into a correct position, there is a possibility that by using a mouthpiece that slips over teeth which has been specifically designed to fit an individual’s teeth, slight adjustments that can be made.

After several months of changing these aligning mouthguards every 6 weeks or so, a patient will have moved their teeth to a position that creates a straighter looking smile and is more aligned to the smile that they have always wanted.

What is the process?

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In line with the ideals of a busy, working adult, there is plenty of flexibility available to patients of this system.

After taking a free suitability test and booking a scan with the clinic, they can start their treatment at whatever leisure they like. There is very little need to visit their dentist after the scan itself, as results and treatment plans can be sent directly to their home.

The detailed information gives patients a basis in which realistic expectations can be received. They can decide whether they want to go ahead and order the mouthguards, which will again be sent directly to their home and are expected to follow the instructions for the length of time to wear them and when to change to the next set of aligners.

In order to see results within the given timeframe, it is important that patients wear their aligners for 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat and to brush their teeth. This gives to continual support needed to move the teeth.

A retainer will be needed at the end of the treatment to ensure the patient keeps their beautiful.

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