Causes of Sore Gums in Children

Little boy having a toothache

The recommended age for your child to start their dental visits is before they turn a year old or when the first milk tooth erupts. While most parents will follow this advice, this does not negate the dental issues that might affect your child but rather minimizes their risk.

Among the often-ignored elements of children’s oral health is the gums. Parents will ensure their kids brush and floss to guarantee white and cavity-free teeth without a second thought to the health of their little ones’ teeth.

Optimal gum health, like any kids dentist in Lehi will attest, is as essential an element of oral health as the condition of your child’s teeth. One of the common complaints a child might have is sore gums.

This is, unfortunately, a diagnosis of exclusion for toddlers and infants who cannot clearly point out what is causing their irritability. Here are a few common causes of sore gums in kids.

Oral Thrush

This is a fungal condition common in breastfeeding kids. It is characterized by spots on the child’s tongue resembling cottage cheese. In some cases, these spots spread to the gums and palate. Oral thrush has been linked to insufficient cleaning of the child’s tongue after feeding.

This, in turn, causes the accumulation of food debris on the tongue. The fungus acts on this food and causes the development of candidiasis. Anti-fungal medication will treat oral thrush. Rinsing your child’s mouth after they eat will also go some way in preventing the development of oral thrush.


In the early stages of periodontal disease, the only complaint might be sore gums. Periodontitis arises from the accumulation of plaque on your child’s teeth affecting the bones and tissues of the teeth.

Left untreated, your child’s gums will recede then eventually the teeth will loosen and fall off. The primary contributor to gum disease is poor oral health habits.

Aggressive Brushing

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If you put too much pressure on your child’s teeth when brushing or flossing, this will affect their gums. The wrong toothbrush type will also cause the irritability of your child’s gums.

The ideal toothbrush is a soft-bristled one with polishing cups. The cups will promote gentle brushing. Other than the right toothbrush, pick a mild toothpaste as this has minimal impact on your child’s tender gums.

The Wrong Diet

Well-balanced and healthy foods are essential for the overall wellbeing of your child. A diet devoid of calcium and vitamin C will not do much for your child’s oral development.

You should, therefore, ensure you include foods rich in vitamin C and calcium in your child’s diet when you start weaning. These foods will not only strengthen the teeth but boost the development and health of the gums as well.

As you aim for the best upbringing for your child, do not forget the health of their gums. By focusing on the above causes of sore gums, you are guaranteed the comfort of your child and their overall health. Maintaining the periodic dental appointments of your child irrespective of their dental condition is also essential to prevent the development of sore gums in your kid.

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