5 Easy and Effective Dental Tips for Children

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Having a healthy set of teeth has a ton of benefits. It helps in chewing food, it aids in speech, and it gives a person confidence when interacting with other people. Children should be taught good dental hygiene the earliest parents can as they will bring this habit into adulthood, but they should also enjoy doing so in a fun engaging manner. Below are five helpful tips:

First Birthday, First Dentist

The first visit of your child to the dentist should ideally be on their first birthday. Thus, toothless or not, parents should look for a dentist for children in whatever state they are in, be it Utah, California, or Alaska. A dentist offering emergency dental treatment in South Jordan, for example, will conduct the first checkup and suggest whatever is necessary. Parents can also relay their concerns, and they can also learn helpful tips from a pro. After which, regular checkups—maybe twice a year—should be fine.

Fun Brushing of the Teeth

When your child is one to three years old, parents can engage their children by getting them toothbrushes in fun colors and designs and fluoride toothpaste in yummy flavors. Children also mimic their parents at this stage. Thus, parents can maximize this by showing their children how to properly brush their teeth. Just make sure that your child brushes their teeth twice a day for two minutes using toothpaste with fluoride.

Good Food and Drinks for Your Child

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Cavities and plaque thrive on sugar. Eating or drinking sugary food before bedtime invites the bacteria that brushing kills. Limiting sugary food will help in achieving a healthy set of teeth. Also, if your child drinks a bottle of milk or two before going to bed, you might want to look for a brand that has low or no sugar to make sure that fewer bacteria are in his mouth as he sleeps.

Say Cheese

Cheese, in fact, helps in producing saliva that coats the teeth and protects them from the bacteria that cause cavities and plaque. The next time you are running late for school or if you are traveling and cannot get a hold of a toothbrush yet, grab a slice of cheese instead.

An Apple a Day Keeps Cavities at Bay

Munching on an apple does not keep only the doctor away but also the dentist? Chewing an apple can be an alternative if you want to clean your teeth but do not want the fuss. Just make sure that your child chews the apple thoroughly for efficiency. This is brilliantly helpful when you are out with a toddler. Parents and children can easily clean their teeth while having a snack, running some errands, or just lounging in the park.

All tips and tricks are helpful when put to good use. Dental hygiene must be formed at an early age so that it becomes a healthy routine. Proper knowledge and guidance must be set so that children can bring this growing up and their permanent teeth will serve them much longer.

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