Dental Bonding for Kids

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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most sought after dental procedures. It goes a long way in enhancing a child’s overall dental formula by hiding undesirable defects. People who are looking to improve their smile in an easy, pain-free, and quick procedure will find dental bonding as the perfect solution. This versatile procedure requires a dentist to apply a composite material on a kid’s tooth and subsequently trim, shape, and polish it to make it appear normal and healthy. It usually requires a single appointment to the dentist to correct the following dental issues:

Chipped and Broken Teeth

Chipped teeth are among the commonest dental problems that can be treated with dental bonding. This issue is caused by teeth grinding, chewing, or biting on hard food such as nuts, hard candy, and ice. Chipping may also happen when the mouth is fitted with excessively large fillings, which, in turn, wear and weaken the adjacent teeth. Broken teeth may be caused by blows to the mouth, following an accident, fall, rough sport, or fist fight. Also, abrupt changes in oral temperature—for instance, eating something hot and immediately trying to cool the mouth with icy water—may cause the teeth to crack and break. The composite resin applied by a cosmetic dentist works miracles by camouflaging the affected tooth.

Tooth Discoloration

yellow teethBonding can be used to hide severe tooth stains that are too small or difficult to remove through dental whitening procedures. The teeth may turn brown or sustain black stains due to consistent consumption of drinks such as coffee, cola, wine, and tea. Another major cause of tooth discoloration includes poor dental hygiene. If kids fail to brush, floss, and rinse their teeth properly, dental staining is inevitable. Although this is not common, diseases and some modes of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation may also cause tooth discoloration. To correct this issue, a pediatric dentist in Utah will use the bonding resin to add an upper coat on the teeth, effectively concealing the aesthetically detrimental color.

Unsightly Gaps between the Teeth

Kids with gaps between their teeth are often conscious about their looks and may often avoid smiling, which puts a sad dent in their life. Besides, children can also experience discomfort and gum issues when food particles get trapped between the gaps. Unsightly gaps between the teeth are often attributable to the growth of smaller teeth compared to the jaw. Some kids simply use braces and teeth aligners to correct this issue. These devices work by pulling the teeth together, which can take a while to achieve the desired results. Aligners and braces may prove to be quite expensive for some people. As such, those who are looking for a temporary, quick, and cheap fix may find dental bonding as an excellent solution. This is achieved by adding a thick coating over the teeth, making them larger and minimizing the spaces between them.

Dental bonding is a versatile, quick, and affordable cosmetic dental procedure that’s taking the dental industry by storm. It helps to camouflage various dental issues, including chipping, discoloration, and undesirable gaps that can prove detrimental to a child’s appearance and self-esteem. This procedure is often preferred because it’s pain-free and it requires a single appointment with the dentist.

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