Most Common Health Issues Young Adults Face

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The youth of today leads a very different life compared to the youth several years back. New health discoveries help parents ensure that their children are strong and healthy. Vaccines are widely available to prevent illnesses that used to cause outbreaks and major physical defects in kids.

However, there are also lifestyle changes that are causing challenges in keeping today’s youth healthy—whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Studies show that chronic diseases are affecting more and more young adults every day. These include obesity, emotional disturbances and learning problems.


Childhood and young adult obesity is a growing health concern in many nations. Unhealthy food choices and inactivity usually cause this. Today’s busy and influential lifestyle leads most youngsters to prefer fast and instant foods, sweets and other processed food products.

The use of gadgets and addiction to social media have also lessened their interest in outdoor and sports activities, which contributes to their weight gain. Instead of living an active lifestyle, many kids nowadays have a sedentary life instead. Obesity should be addressed sooner to prevent heart, kidney and liver diseases from developing.

Oral Health Problems

Negligent oral hygiene practices at an early age have serious consequences once children reach their teenage years. This is why it is very important to practice proper hygiene and ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong.

Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent damage and discoloration of the teeth. Dentists can also give proper advice when you need to wear braces or other oral appliance to correct alignment and lisps. At this stage, a teenager may also need help with issues on impacted wisdom teeth. Dentists in Salt Lake City remove wisdom teeth through surgery to relieve the pain associated with the problem.

Acne and Skin Problems

sad woman with pimples on face Young adults find acne and facial skin problems to be a curse and a major issue that they must go through. Zits and breakouts have different causes and kids undergoing puberty are prone to experiencing this.

Acne is a prolonged skin condition that induces inflammation in the sebaceous glands. Acne comes out in the face, back, chest and neck. Apart from acne, teenagers also experience oily and dry skin, which can lead to eczema and other skin conditions.

Vision Difficulties

The use of computers, hand-held devices and smartphones has become a necessity even for the youth. Younger kids are also spending more time using these gadgets, which emit blue light and cause damage to their vision.

These kids soon grow up to be young adults with vision problems. Prolonged use of computers and gadgets can cause eyestrain, eye fatigue, blurred vision, double vision, irritation and headaches.

Parents have a big role in preventing these common health problems from affecting their children. Early detection is one of the best ways to counter any of these health concerns. Health care professionals acknowledge the fact that these problems of the youth are being recognized and that effective prevention and treatment can be given when the issues are set out in the open.

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