The Perks of Volunteer Work

volunteer work

In a sense, helping Mom wash the dishes or giving Dad a hand with the tools while he fixes the car is the core of volunteerism. As we grow old, life becomes more complicated depending on how we perceive it, and sometimes we feel that we need to help ourselves before others.

Reaching out and helping others can help us more than we can imagine. Volunteerism is an act that can bring people together with nothing more than pure intentions. As an act of altruism, volunteer work can help us attain self-love and respect, and you might be surprised by what else it can do for you. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Volunteerism goes on a global scale. Statistics in the USA has economically measured its importance. As of 2017, volunteer work is valued at $24.69/hour and is even more valuable than actual work. This value, however, is nothing more than a figure to volunteers. You should consider the following factors before you decide to do volunteer work:


Time is the most precious thing that you can give as a volunteer. Volunteer work comes in many forms, and there is one that can fit the value of your time. Most non-profit organizations have volunteerism as their backbone, and the work varies, from simple data entries to complicated rescue operations.



Picking volunteer work for something related to the things that you enjoy can be beneficial for you. Volunteer work can give you the skills that you need to touch base with the people you want to help. You can find community work that involves environmental protection or educate people about environmental conservation while enjoying the outdoors.

You can also work as a social worker for people with mental illness, especially if you have experienced the same ordeal in the past. You can volunteer in a recovery center for teens with an eating disorder or be a counselor to those suffering from depression. The ability to connect with people and share your personal experience is mutually rewarding, and you have the potential to save somebody’s life.


You can even nurture your skills through community work. For example, you can use your cooking expertise to organize a children’s feeding program, or you can use your exceptional physical strength to move packages during relief operations. IT or computer skills come in handy during fundraising campaigns. Organizational skills are needed when planning a fun run for physically challenged individuals. Even your artistic talents can be helpful. You can perform in community concerts to help cancer patients or use your painting skills to teach war-displaced children how to draw.

Volunteer work can also help your career since it can connect you with people who have the same interests. This can help you grow your network and give you opportunities to work with someone who needs your skill set outside of volunteer work.

Volunteerism can help you find new friends and increase your self-esteem and overall health. It can also help you develop your social and technical skills as you go along. People volunteer for millions of reasons but come together mainly to help others or make a difference. You might be surprised that you have enabled yourself more in an attempt to help someone else, so start volunteering today.

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