Interesting Part-Time Employment Opportunities for Single Parents

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Raising a child is already a big responsibility, and it gets bigger for a single parent. You get to be both mom and dad, putting food on the table while taking good care of your child.

Given that, a regular job can take much of your energy and once you get home, you won’t have enough to get involved with your child’s activities like doing homework or helping with projects. It sure is rewarding once you see yourself and your child live life as you’ve envisioned, even in an unconventional arrangement. Sometimes, the usual 9-5 job wouldn’t be enough, so here are a few part-time career paths for you.

Clinical Trials

At some point in your life, you might’ve had to take medicine as well as give it to your child. But did you know that you could help companies develop better ones for the future? You can do this through participating in paid clinical trials, which are available in the Miami area if you know where to look. Opportunities don’t stay for long, but you can get paid well.

Fitness Training

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Health and wellness have been both trends and advocacies in today’s society. Due to this, there’s a growing demand for physical trainers. While many of them have either experience or formal education, that won’t stop a single parent in pursuing such a career. You can take lessons online and get yourself certified. It’s a great plus when the job you have also keeps you healthy and well-balanced. Also, diet is a big part of this career so you’ll benefit in learning about the right way to eat and apply it to your child as well.

Physical Therapy

Keeping the body relaxed and loosened up helps relieve stress. If you get certified, it’s not so hard to get clients. People at work could be your patrons while earning a little extra. What’s also good about this is you can set up shop at home. It also doesn’t require a lot of space. If there’s a nearby spa within your area, you can also take that chance if you have the extra time. Resources aren’t as hard to find, either, as massage oils are widely available and aren’t much of an inconvenience for your budget.

Online Tutorials

If you have a skill you would like to share, then capitalize on the age of the Internet and technologies. People can access a ton of instructional videos and courses at a click of a button, and you can be the one to provide them. This will bring your expertise to a wider audience around the world, and with that comes the commissions. The advantage is that once your videos are already out there, you won’t need to manage them in real time. As long as there are people who subscribe and pay for your videos, it will keep making money.

Side gigs can be great for you as they are, but if you become better at doing some of them they’ll provide you with an opportunity for full-time work. With that, you won’t have to let yourself get caught up in the regular rat race and can focus on one thing: being a full-time parent and provider for your child.

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