What are the Methods Used in Labiaplasty Surgery?

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Labiaplasty refers to surgical procedures done to reshape the labia minora (inner lips) of the vulva. It has gained popularity with a number of women, doing it for cosmetic reasons. There are also women who undergo it to improve their emotional well-being. Some women have elongated labia, with excess tissue that causes discomfort and gets in the way of physical activity, driving them to have the procedure.

When you get labiaplasty, plus breast augmentation surgery in Utah, you will notice an improvement in the way you view yourself. Such procedures will help you feel less self-conscious about your genitalia and improve your psychological, social, and sexual health.

To help you wear your bikini confidently and rock your tight-fitting yoga pants, the following are the three techniques you will have to pick from:

Edge technique

In this technique, the surgeon looks to perfect the sides of the inner and outer labia. It trims and removes irregular edges to make them smaller. Most women like to have the inner lips stay inside the outer. Other women want to have the excess skin removed from the outer to stop it from hanging mostly after giving birth. During the procedure, the doctor makes a direct excision then an incision along the outer edges of the big labia. From there, the doctor adjusts the shape of the labia to give it a cosmetic appearance.

The procedure will get rid of excess loose skin and cause the labia to look thinner and smaller. It preserves the edges and tightens rugosity to give an appearance of smoothness. Patients who dislike hyperpigmentation can be helped with this technique. Note that the labia must be kept at a minimum (one centimeter) to prevent effects during intercourse.

Wedge technique

This procedure removes a triangular part (wedge) from the center part of the inner lips and reconnects the labia. The idea is to reduce the length of the lips that stretch past the clitoris to minimize discomfort. This technique maintains the edges at a natural color. It is fast and results in little to no sensitivity. The wedge technique is done alongside other labiaplasty options like clitoral hood reductions.

V-wedge technique

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V-wedge technique is meant for the outer lips. It resembles the wedge, but the doctor removes a layer from the middle of the outer lips. The sides will then be rejoined. The purpose of this procedure is to shorten the labia. Women who find their lips to hang in excess or have enlarged after childbirth can go for this technique. Reducing the size lowers excess rubbing from clothes that would cause irritation, especially when wearing some underwear types.

To perform any one of the procedures, the surgeon will put you under general anesthesia. Expect the procedures to take a maximum of 30 minutes. You will need pain medication, but recovery is fast and uncomplicated. It is recommended to take a week to relax and heal while wearing loose, comfortable pants and mini-pads to absorb any bleeding.


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