The Relationship Between Oral Health and Overall Wellness

Oral health

Did you know that your oral health says a lot about your overall wellness? Not only that, but proper oral care and hygiene can also shape your physical health. The parts of your body are more connected than you think. Each part works together with other functions of your body to attain a common goal: keeping your overall health in check.

Your mouth can serve as an indicator of your physical health. You might not notice it, but your mouth is a host of a ton of bacteria. Science shows that there are over 20 billion oral microbes in one person’s mouth, and this amount can double every time we consume food or beverages. Those numbers may sound alarming to you, but don’t worry. Most of the bacteria we have in our mouths are actually beneficial, helping keep our oral health intact. But because of the food we eat and the drinks we consume, we can hinder the proper utilization of these bacteria.

Maintaining and staying true to proper oral care and hygiene can go a long way in keeping you healthy. They keep bacteria under control, hence lessening the risk of developing diseases and illnesses. To help you get a better understanding of how your mouth and physical body are connected, here are some conditions that can be linked to oral health.

Cardiovascular disease

For years, scientists have done their research on the link between oral issues and cardiovascular disease. They found that a gum infection called periodontitis can be a sign of an increased risk of developing heart disease. Although this theory has been constantly debated, there are more concrete links between the two.

As we mentioned, your mouth is a host to millions of bacteria. Improper oral hygiene can foster their growth, which can put a person at risk of bacterial infection. When this happens, high are the chances that the infection will spread to the bloodstream, affecting heart valves. There is evidence that people who have cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes are able to benefit from oral surgery and periodontal treatment. But proper oral hygiene is your first line of defense against these illnesses.


Chest X-ray

More than enhancing your smile and physical appearance, your teeth and gums play a huge role in controlling the bacteria that enter your body. That’s why frequent brushing and flossing are called for, as they can help get rid of bacteria and prevent them from building up. Studies have revealed that pneumonia is common among adults with poor oral hygiene. This is because the bacteria from the mouth can easily make their way into the lungs, further worsening the inflammation.


On the other hand, poor overall health can also cause dental issues. Diabetes is one prevailing and sound example. The effect of diabetes on your body is it slows down and affects your resistance of infection and bacteria. Your gums, being in charge of fighting off harmful bacteria, is hindered from functioning optimally. Blood flow from your body to your gums is also reduced, hence causing infection in your mouth. This risks the development of gum disease.

This goes to show that taking care of your overall health involves practicing proper oral hygiene. Your mouth is the window to your wellness, so make sure you’re adhering to basic oral care.

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