Why a Trip to a Spa Can Be Good for You


Massage has been passed down from the past as a way to ease muscle pain and is considered an effective way to treat various injuries, chronic pain, and other physical ailments. Apart from these, it’s also useful in alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression. Those who have PTSD also seek massage spa sessions to help soothe anxiety and stress. More and more patients who suffer from chronic pain and difficulty sleeping find massages to be beneficial for their condition, as it helps them relax while effectively eliminating pain and stress. There are a lot of benefits to getting a massage, and here are some of them.

Relieves Pain

Therapeutic massage has gained popularity by helping alleviate pain. Chronic muscle pain can render a person less productive, not to mention uncomfortable and may even cause stress and anxiety. The massage involves relaxing, painful joints, cramped muscles, and tendons. Those who received regular therapeutic massage sessions showed improvement in grip and less pain in their hands.

Help Patients with PTSD

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People who have PTSD can also benefit from a relaxing massage. PTSD is caused by a prolonged traumatic experience or a distressing event, which can leave a person with chronic pain, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, and feelings of guilt and shame among other symptoms. With a therapeutic massage, trigger points and tight muscles are loosened, which helps alleviate the pain that a PTSD patient is experiencing. Through this, the patient feels more at ease and flexible, effectively reducing stress and anxiety.

Sports Recovery

Active people, especially athletes, may experience sports-related injuries. A bad fall during basketball, a twisted arm due to slipping when ice skating and other sports injuries can leave them in pain or temporarily disabled. Athletes also need to train regularly and sometimes may end up straining a muscle or tendon. An effective sports massage can help relieve the delayed onset of muscle soreness, which is typical after strenuous training. Apart from this, sports massages can also be integrated into an athlete’s conditioning program. This helps speed up the body’s recovery time between training.

Boost the Immune System

One type of massage, lymphatic drainage, can help boost the immune system while relaxing the nervous system. The human lymphatic system has fluids, which helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. However, some conditions can cause the lymphatic system to create more than what’s needed, and this is where lymphatic drainage massage comes in. This massage helps patients suffering from illnesses such as fibromyalgia and lymphedema.

People from all ages can reap the benefits of a massage—from babies to the elderly. However, it’s crucial to ensure safety prior to setting an appointment. Make sure to check the massage therapist’s credentials first, as well as the spa where they work. It’s also important to check with a physician first if the patient has any underlying medical conditions. Once all these boxes have been checked, then the next thing to do is relax and enjoy a good massage from a spa that will promote wellness and rejuvenate energy.

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