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Oak worktops are available from a family run business that has been running since 1999. Because this company has been running for such a longtime and providing quality customer service for all this time, this company fully understands how to use the best practice. This ensures that clients are properly cared for and supplied with the best materials. This company understands their business and supplies customers with the best service possible. Many different kinds of wood are on offer, this includes beech, walnut, ash and cherry. One of the staple woods is Oak. This company is fast-acting and looks after their customers. There are three main aims for this company: being sustainable, providing the best level of quality and meeting the needs and requirements of all clients. Many clients have been very happy with the high level of service that they received when buying their countertops. They are also happy with the quality of wood that they were supplied with. This article will go through the different kinds of oak finishes that the company provides as well as discussing the many different benefits that come from having this wood as a finish on countertops.

What are the different kinds?

Oak worktops come in a few different kinds. The first kind is simple Oak, which can be described as warm and beautiful. It is also described as being full of character. Prime oak countertops are specifically configured to make a uniform finish. This can mean that a more sophisticated air can be achieved. Deluxe Solid Oak countertops are wider in size and fill more space. This means that they have more knots and different patterns of grain in the wood are visible. The final kind of Oak is the Rustic Deluxe allowing it to be wholly unique and characterful with its knots, grains and hues. Many clients are extremely happy with the finished product of their countertops. Oak wood is very strong, heavy and durable. The wood is often praised for its light colour with a prominent grain. The wood is also resistant to fungal attack. It also has a dense constitution and long-living nature.

Why should you buy?

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Worktops Oak has many benefits in its use. The natural wood is a perfect match for any kitchen as it will look good with any variety of different colour schemes and matches with any kitchen style. Wood looks better with time, the colour deepens and the grain gains more character. This type of wood is timeless and will never go out of fashion, this means that it can be a staple in a kitchen for an extremely long time. This wood is naturally hygienic and so can be a great choice for a kitchen countertop. This is because of the wood’s natural antibacterial properties. Natural wood is unique in each cut meaning that the look of each client’s countertop is different. The wood is durable and any imperfections can be easily rectified. Provided that the wood is cared for then it can last an extremely long time.

Your choice of wood can be an eco-friendly choice. Operating on zero-waste and moving towards working with green electricity is extremely important.

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