Missing teeth doesn’t have to be a hole in your life

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For those that have lost their teeth either through an accident or because of age or ill health, it can be devastating. One does not really appreciate their teeth until they have gone and it can be detrimental not only to their self-esteem but their physical health as well once they begin to lose their teeth.

There have been studies that suggest a link between missing teeth and mental health, giving credit to efforts made by those professionals who seek holistic solutions to someone’s health. By ensuring that an individual’s health and wellbeing is appropriately cared for in the best possible way, there can be great outcomes for an individuals health, both physically and mentally.

So, replacing missing teeth is something that dentists can do to help their patients work through their feelings and to actually gain full functionality of their smile again. There are several solutions that are available, some are more effective than others for certain individuals. This all depends on a patient’s general health and whether they can have a particular treatment or not.

To replace teeth, dentists can use dentures, bridges or dental implants in Navan. The latter is a treatment that is frequently recommended, both for young and older patients who have either lost a single tooth, have lost multiple teeth or are looking for a long term solution to stable, reliable teeth.

Although dentures and bridges are common, there are a few downsides that need to be addressed. Wearing dentures for a long time will cause the jaw bone to recede prematurely. This is a natural occurrence where the jaw bone no longer renews as it is not stimulated by the teeth in the right way anymore. Because dentures just sit on the gum line, there is not enough stimulation occurring into the jaw to allow cell renewal to take place.

If an individual uses a bridge in this way as they have only lost a couple of their teeth, then they might find that over time their surrounding teeth will begin to lose their stability. This is because of their jaw bone receding. For those who have a full set of dentures, they may find they become uncomfortable over time, slipping and falling out as they eat and chew, causing embarrassment and concern.

How can these issues be addressed?

dental implants concept

By using tooth implants instead or in combination with these popular treatments, patients can feel more confident with their smile. Because the implant itself acts just like a natural tooth root in how it is placed directly into the jaw bone, there are no issues with the bone receding and therefore these complications are not a concern.

Although somewhat costly, implants are designed to last for several decades, meaning that a lifetime of use can be enjoyed without concern for needing to replace materials. The investment is not only for peace of mind for many, but it also ensures that minimal further work will need to be done in the future that can end up costing more later down the track.

By speaking with a dentist about their options, patients can determine whether this treatment will be suitable for them.

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