How Supermodels Stay Fit for Fashion Week

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They seem like the demi-gods of Roman and Greek mythology, flawlessly gliding up and down the runway. Their faces and bodies adorn glossy magazine covers, and their gigantic billboards remind all of us that they are several notches above everyone in physical beauty. If there was a group that would probably best represent the human race in terms of aesthetics, they would be the supermodels.

But how did they get to look that good? Is it good genetics? Or is everything just courtesy of a good graphics artist and Photoshop? Read more about how these men and women stay fit and fab for everyone to see and admire.

Scientifically Designed Diet

The saying that beauty comes from the within definitely has a scientific basis. Most, if not all, models adhere to a specific diet plan months or at least a few weeks before any fashion shoot or major event. By eating “clean,” they are able to feel good, think clearer while allowing the body to take in good nutrients as it expels toxins. The result is flawless skin and a toned body.

Aside from high-quality quality nutritious food, they also make sure to drink lots of water and add responsibly sourced electrolyte supplements. This makes them stay well-hydrated, enabling the skin to be moisturized and the internal organs fully functioning. Some of them also take herbal teas that also possess certain healing properties. For example, Kendall Jenner is known to consume several cups of detox tea every day. She says that she prefers to take green tea, white tea, dandelion root, and fennel.

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio follows a strict no sugar, no card diet. During busy work seasons, she tries to stick to meals made of lean meat, fish, nuts, tofu, and tempeh. She also consumes a lot of avocados, cold press oils, and seed butter as part of her ketogenic diet. Fellow model Gigi Hadid, on the other hand, goes for a more relaxed approach and confesses to eating french fries every once in a while, but it has to be made of sweet potato.

Karolina Kurkova and Lily Aldridge are proud vegetarians and swear by the health benefits of their eating program. Shunning all kinds of animal meat, they claim that having a plant-based diet helps keep their weight down while improving the quality of their skin.

Regular Exercise

Aside from food, having regular exercise is also crucial to keeping fit. Victoria’s Secret veteran Miranda Kerr has a regular yoga session, lifts weights, and goes for long walks or hikes up and down a hill as part of her physical regimen.

Among the top male models, David Gandy of Dolce and Gabbana fame stick to a 60 to a 90-minute routine that includes interesting exercises such as Spiderman press-ups, abdominal rollouts, and burpees. Pietro Boselli, who became the cover of many GQ magazine issues, improves his already Greek god-like physique by going on long bike rides and swimming aside from a grueling weightlifting program.



Giselle Bündchen, one of the most sought-after models of the 90s, has been practicing transcendental meditation for many years. She claims that it has helped her manage the stress that the modeling profession brings. Martha Hunt and Natane Boudreau, present-day stars of the catwalk, are also regular practitioners of meditation who never miss a single day. They all find deep relaxation and peace by sitting quietly in a good posture, far from the crowd and lights, focusing on each inhalation and exhalation of breath. In many studies, it was found that meditation helps relieve anxiety, promote self-awareness, and even effective for controlling pain.

Rest and Sleep

For fashion professionals, rest and sleep are the ultimate luxuries. Behind the glamour of their work is a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and even sleeplessness. It is not uncommon for top models to wake up at 4:00 a.m to catch an early flight, spend hours on a plane, land in a different time zone, and rush to a photoshoot straight from the airport. Peak season takes them across the globe on many exotic locations to get the perfect shot. What may seem to be a dream traveler’s life for most is just like another day at the office for these towering icons of beauty and style.

To recuperate, on off days, they try to get as much as eight hours of sleep a day. For some male models, they might need more time to sleep for their body to re-energize and heal tired muscles that have been used up at work and in the gym.

Being Fit is Part of the Job Description

When asked to answer truthfully, many of these models also want to eat junk food, stay late in bed, and pig out on snacks while Netflix bingeing. Some of them might do all these things on occasion to reward themselves for all the hard work that they do. But most of the time, they commit to a truly healthy and fit lifestyle because it is part of their jobs as supermodels.

Indeed, they are not just almost perfect specimens of pretty faces, sexy bodies, and bulging muscles. They are, in many ways, athletes themselves who devote countless hours working out while following strict nutritional protocols. By doing everything it takes to be in tip-top shape, they earn their right to be on every magazine cover and billboard for everyone to adore and idolize.

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