Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Family

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All of us have a biological mother and father. However, that doesn’t mean that all of us will have a family to go to. Since the family is the most basic unit of society, having a functional support group makes individuals feel loved and supported.

Whether you think that a family should be nuclear or not, getting emotional and psychological support from a group that you can call your family can help you through obstacles in life. We’ll be focusing more on our interpersonal relationship with our family and how we can build up from there.

As we grow older, it’s harder for us to have time with our families since we do have our responsibilities. That time that we should be spending dinner with our family is now replaced with nightly meetings with executives, our we’re spending more time with friends over our family. But despite all of these things, it’s still possible to build a healthy relationship with your family.

Since most of us will be staying with our family for most of the year because of unforeseen circumstances, it’s a good time to start building a good relationship with them.

So what are some excellent ways of maintaining a good relationship with our family? Here’s what you can do.

Maintaining a Good Relationship

Psychologically speaking, actualization and validation are some top needs for almost every individual. Being appreciated, heard, and seen for the things that you do can give people a useful purpose in life. At the same time, this will motivate individuals to work harder in the workplace, especially when there is compartmentalization on work and home.

However, there will be times when tension can arise at home and between family members. Whether it’s because of differences in political alignment, personal preferences, or favoritism in the family, no one can deny that squabbling and arguments will always happen. At certain times, this can cause family members to burn bridges with the family or with that particular person.

That said, it’s essential to be mindful of keeping your relationship with your family healthy and wholesome. Your family will be there for you.

Be Transparent

Sometimes, keeping secrets, especially those related to other family members, can breed distrust and cause rifts in relationships. If possible, you will need to have a frank and upfront conversation with them. Communication is a two-way process, and both parties must be able to reach a compromise.

Your home should be a place where secrets are secondary to the truth. Children should be able to trust their parents and listen attentively to their siblings without fear of being ridiculed.

A healthy family will have a clear line of communication with each other. If problems arise, each family member is aware of the situation and can contribute with a solution to the problem.

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Your Meals Are Essential

As humans, we are a very social species. Almost every social gathering, whether it be a wedding, a get-together with friends, or a birthday party, will always food and meals. For many cultures, everyday meals are considered to be an essential part of bringing the family together.

One of the best ways of ensuring that all family members will be present is through lunch, dinners, and breakfast. Being able to interact with other members of the family naturally can help build a good relationship.

Sometimes, it’s good to spice up your lunch with your family with some delicious sandwiches by having them catered right to your doorstep.

Arguments Are Normal

Arguing and having a frank discussion with family members is entirely natural and healthy in any family relationship. Still, a reasonable degree of respect for the other person’s personal space, identity, and opinions should be exercised at all times.

Instead of treating arguments as a personal attack, ponder on the intention of the other side. That will help develop more fruitful conversations.

Stay in Touch

There will be times that some family members will be thousands of miles from the nuclear family. With the technology that we have these days, it’s easier to communicate with others that are far away. Talking to family members even when you’re in another country or city can help with mental health, depression, or anxiety. With the spread of a contagious disease, staying in touch with your family even during lockdown can significantly help with emotional health.

Sure, there might be family members that are difficult to relate with, but building a good family relationship with them will help you understand their plights. Overall, strengthening your relationship with your family is all about giving them your time, energy, and effort.

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