Why You Need Keep Your Teeth Straight

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When people start growing their teeth, they usually grow straight up. However, this does not mean they will stay that way. Genetics, chance, and other factors can affect how a person’s teeth can grow. For example, if teeth grow too close to each other, there might be some crowding. This can result in teeth pushing at each other which means they are not straight anymore.

Though some people don’t care about the straightness of their teeth, it does have negative effects. There are several reasons why you should aim to have your crooked teeth.

Why Straighten Your Teeth

The main reason why you want to have straight teeth is confidence. You may say that you don’t care, but there’s something subconscious about hiding your teeth when it is not straight. It affects how you smile greatly. You won’t be grinning or greeting people with a full smile. It will mostly be just your lips turning up. That can affect how you relate to people and interact with them.

Straight teeth also have physical effects. For one, straight teeth allow you to speak better. The way that the air moves through your mouth is not disrupted. This means that whatever you are saying will come out with no slurring and is easily understood. That helps a lot in the confidence department.

Straight teeth are also a lot easier to clean. If you’ve looked at crooked teeth, you will notice that there are often weird nooks and crannies among your teeth. They become perfect places for food to get stuck. When you brush your teeth, food in these hard-to-reach places would stay there and be ideal places for bacteria to hide and thrive.

Crooked teeth also mean that they are not positioned right when you eat. Imagine trying to cut meat with a knife on its blunt side. This is what you are doing with crooked teeth when you chew with them. Additionally, crooked teeth can also mean a misalignment with your top and bottom teeth. The result is something like cutting paper with loose scissors. It is going to be an effort to get things done.

Finally, you might notice that you are having more headaches. This is mostly because of the stress that crooked teeth put on the gums and the jaw bone. This travels up to your head, causing constant headaches.

Your Options

dental braces

Fortunately, there are several choices available for you to straighten your teeth. There are the traditional metal braces. The main way they work is to force your teeth to grow straight. This is done via the braces pushing their growth in the right direction. The trouble with braces is that they can be uncomfortable and they don’t look great when they are in use.

Thankfully, braces are temporary. In the later stages of teeth straightening, there is a chance that the teeth can return to their original positions. This is where an invisible retainer helps. They keep your teeth in position so that they will permanently be that way.

Keep Them Straight

There’s nothing like smiling and showing off a perfect set of straight teeth. It makes you more confident and charismatic. If you can smile like that, you can take on the world. With some help from modern technology, you can get that smile.

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