5 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Hair Transplant Surgery

Preparing for hair transplant

Hair transplants have been around for quite some time now. But even if that’s the case, many people still have doubts and reservations about undergoing this procedure. This is mainly because of false information and myths surrounding hair restoration. That’s why to clear up the confusion about this matter, here is the truth behind these myths:

Myth: Hair Transplant Surgery Works for Younger Patients Only

Truth: Many people believe that only those who are younger have a higher success rate when it comes to hair transplants. This, however, is not true at all. The fact is that hair restoration is even more effective when the patient is older. It’s easier to perform the procedure when the majority of the hair loss has already occurred. This way, the patient wouldn’t have to go through the same operation over and over again.

Myth: The Hair Doesn’t Look Natural After Hair Transplant Surgery

Truth: Continuous development in the field has allowed better results and treatment options. If you’re worried about the surgery being noticeable, don’t be. When recovered fully, you can barely recognize whether your gorgeous locks are due to hair transplant surgery or natural. That’s how good hair restoration is nowadays. Thus, you need not worry about your hair transplant being too obvious.

Myth: Special Treatment Is Needed for This Procedure

Truth: Another misconception people have about hair transplants is the recovery it requires. Many people assume that to get better from the surgery, special care is necessary. This, however, is proven to be true only to an extent. On the contrary, it takes only three to four weeks until your hair follicles are fully recovered. During that period, all you have to do is to let them heal and keep them undisturbed. But during that time, you need to be careful and avoid pulling any of the transplanted hair so that your scalp can absorb the newly transplanted follicles.

Myth: You Need Other People’s Hair for a Hair Transplant

Truth: You don’t need to go around asking people to be your donor. For this type of transplant, all the follicles must come from the patient’s body. As of today, getting donor hair from someone else is still not medically possible as it can reject the hair and can deter the success of the procedure.

Myth: A Hair Transplant Is a Painful Procedure

Before and after hair transplant

Truth: Contrary to what most people believe, there’s little pain involved. During the procedure, doctors inject anesthesia in the operation area so that you’ll never feel any pain. It is during post-operation that patient may sense a tinge of pain. It all depends on one’s tolerance to pain. However, your hair doctor will likely give you a painkiller to deal with that. If you look into it, nothing is terrifying or scary about it.

We hope we were able to clarify the most common myths surrounding hair restoration treatment. Before you believe in anything you hear, it’s best to do your own research about it. Or better yet talk to a hair doctor yourself to be more informed about what this surgery entails. This can prevent you from assuming anything with regard to this matter.

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