Corrective Techniques Used in Chiropractic Care


Millions of people in recent years have opted for chiropractic care for the relief of various issues, ranging from headaches to backaches. In most cases, they are only searching for a solution for their pain. What they do not realize is that there are different forms of chiropractic care. Relief and corrective care are the two primary categories of chiropractic care. Relief care is designed for immediate pain relief. Although the effects of this care modality are long-lasting, they are in no way permanent.

Corrective care in a physical rehab center based in Chandler, Arizona, on the other hand, addresses the underlying cause of your pain. It will focus on treating the misalignments, which contribute to different levels of discomfort using a comprehensive approach comprising exercises, stretching, and adjustments. As such, corrective chiropractic care will result in mostly permanent pain relief, although it might take some time. The following are the methods used for corrective chiropractic care:

Chiropractic Biophysics

This is a practical approach that results in spinal alignment, the restoration of your spinal curves, and an improved posture. The corrective method uses conventional chiropractic manipulation focused on specific spinal traction and rehabilitation exercises. Before the start of treatment, imaging is carried out to pinpoint the cause of your spine’s misalignment and plan the procedures that will comprise your chiropractic biophysics.

Thompson Drop Table Technique

touching spine

This is sometimes called the terminal point technique. It is an analysis system that uses a particular table that decreases the energy needed to readjust your spine. The table has segmented drop pieces that can be adjusted by inches or fractions based on the effect of the thrust a chiropractor will use during your treatment. This way, the patient will be kept secure throughout the treatment.

Diversified Technique

This is the common corrective approach in chiropractic care. Here, your chiropractor will apply a low-amplitude high-velocity thrust, which relieves your pain. Before the treatment, he or she will locate the affected areas and assess the severity of your issue. After this, a particular manual thrust will be used to free the stuck joints. The diversified technique is used for the correction of sciatica, tennis elbow, repetitive motion injuries, tendonitis, and scoliosis.

Light Force Technique

Here, pressure in varying ounces will be applied along a patient’s spine using a hand-held device known as an activator instrument. The pressure thus applied will release tension in the patient’s nerves and relax his or her body. With the muscle relaxation, the body slowly readjusts into its proper alignment and achieves an optimal state. The light force technique is mostly used in the elderly and children whose muscles and nerves are sensitive.

You should be well-informed on what you want to achieve in chiropractic care before signing up to guarantee that you get optimal results. There have been many advances in medical care, and you might come across various options that take minimal time and are touted as highly effective. More often than not, unfortunately, most of these treatments have numerous side effects. The techniques of chiropractic care mentioned above are the proven most effective and virtually side-effect-free option for managing conditions affecting the bones, muscles, nerves, and other body parts.

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