When Aging Well Becomes a Bit Harder

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Utah has the youngest population in the nation — just not the most youthful-looking. Although Utahns are some of the healthiest and happiest people in the USA, they tend to look a bit older than they actually are. A lot of factors converge to create this phenomenon, but you can take steps to maintain your looks and maybe even look a few years younger.

Hide from the Sun

Harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the most notable cause of visible skin aging, and Utah has lots of it. Utah’s elevation exposes its residents to more concentrated levels of UV. Chronic skin damage is a grim reality, and so is the higher risk of skin cancer and melanomas. Utah has close to double the skin cancer rates of other states.

Sunblock might not be enough, and you’ll need more extreme measures to protect yourself from the sun. Cover up and wear clothes that minimize your skin’s exposure to the sun. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and long sleeve shirts, or bring your own shade by carrying an umbrella.

Use a UV-filtering film on your house’s windows and doors. Nobody puts on sunscreen inside the house, and most homes have wide glass windows that let the sunlight in. Do the same for your car. Those 15-30 minute drives expose you to significant amounts of UV, and the constant commutes accumulate damage.

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Air is thinner and drier as you get higher. The dry Utah air saps your skin of its moisture, leaving it more vulnerable to particulates and pollution. Drink lots of liquids and follow a regular skincare regimen. Lotions won’t be enough, so opt for heavier creams with higher oil content. They keep your skin moisturized for longer and add a layer of protection against pollution.

Bring a mist spray to work and consciously make an effort to drink water. Elevation also dulls feelings of thirst, so you might be going through your day dehydrated without noticing it. If the weather is particularly arid, get a humidifier or swamp cooler for your room.

Cheat a Little

The effects of sun damage are reversible, but they might take a while to show. In the meantime, you can cheat a bit on your looks with a little foundation or a trip to the aesthetician. Learn to apply light makeup. Too much will make it seems like you’re trying too hard, so stick to light foundations to conceal a few wrinkles.

Get a few rejuvenating facials or maybe a full-on trip to the spa. A day of pampering can take the stress off your shoulders and perhaps a few years along with it. Consider getting Botox injections or Juvederm treatment, especially if a clinic has specials. Botox and Juvederm are virtually harmless, and the procedures are not the least invasive.

Utah is brimming with young people, and the state is charged with youthful energy. Be as young as you feel by taking a little bit more care of yourself and maybe turning to science once in a while.

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