Self-care Quarantine: Focusing on Your Wellness

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The pandemic has changed the way we live in some startling and fundamental ways. The social expectations of daily life have changed significantly. So much of life has to happen online now. But there are still long hours of the day and weekends that we are at home. Going from an active social life to being inside all the time can have a profound effect on your mental health.

Focusing on your health and well-being means considering this effect. Self-care is also mental health care. If you find managing your emotions to be harder than usual, then consider signing up for teletherapy. It is the best thing you can do to help you maintain your well-being and remain a happy and productive individual.

To help you stay on top of your mental and physical health, you can finally indulge in all the hobbies you never had time to do. This will help to keep you active and interested in living your life well.

Start an Exercise Regimen

It is always hard to start exercising if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. Also, the only way to see results is to be consistent. Consistency was probably quite hard to find in your hectic life.

But now, you can schedule your day around your need to exercise. Prioritize it and put it on your daily schedule so that you cannot forget. Try out a new type of exercise every week till you find the one you enjoy. You will be surprised by how much you begin enjoying exercise once your stamina improves and the muscle aches go away.

Experiment With Cooking

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Many people have taken up cooking meals to fill their time during the quarantine. If getting fit has always been an intention of yours, but you couldn’t find the time, then this is a great activity to try out. Eating right can help your body to adapt to the rigors of exercise much better.

Some people have found that changing their diet to a healthy and more consistent meal plan has helped them lose weight even before exercising. If you want to be healthy and enjoy your meals, you can achieve this dual goal by experimenting with making healthy meals at home.

Read Something New

Leading a hectic work life can sometimes cause us to push our favorite hobbies to the wayside. This can happen very easily with reading. Many people try to keep up their interest but begin reading books that are helpful and educational.

Use this time to indulge in all the genres you were too busy to read before. Search for authors you have previously enjoyed, or get on a website like Goodreads and ask for recommendations based on your specific interests.

Support budding new writers online by reading their chapter book websites. They usually publish for free, so you can save money on buying books. These writers generally have a Patreon, so you can send them a token and support an emerging writer.

Listen to Podcasts

There are so many interesting podcasts that cover a variety of genres. It is an exciting new hobby to pursue, which can widen your horizons a great deal. Podcasts cover the gamut from fiction audiobooks to true crime retelling. Many comedians are also releasing talk shows in podcast format.

Learn to Meditate

Life is hard right now, and even with a new hobby, it can be difficult to relax fully. But stress is very detrimental to your health, so you must find a way to combat it. Learning to meditate can be very beneficial to your mental and physical well-being.

There are many podcasts and video tutorials released by practitioners and professionals that you can try till you find the right one for you.

Take Up Art


Have you always wanted to paint? Join an online art class or start following Bob Ross’s videos on YouTube. You have the time to hone your craft, and because no one can come to your home, you do not have to worry about the embarrassment of people seeing your beginner attempts. Many people balk at trying new things because of what others might say, but no one can come over to your home right now.

Take up whatever art form you enjoy, from dancing to crochet, and enjoy the learning experience. It can be very freeing to know that you are not under observation during the learning period. This can help you to let go of your insecurities and truly give your all to your lessons.

Learn a new language, organize your living room, or finally complete that D.I.Y project that’s been pending for months. Trying out new things is a healthy and fun way to improve our cognitive health and take a greater interest in maintaining our physical health.

Taking up a hobby or learning something allows you to choose how you react to this unprecedented time in your life. It will give you the mental space you need to feel in control of yourself and your experiences. This is important to maintaining a healthy outlook during a difficult time.

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