Orthodontic Procedures: A Guide to Practice

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What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist? Dentists focus more on the teeth, the prevention of cavities, and how to keep them healthy. On the other hand, you need orthodontics in Belmont to make sure that your teeth are aligned and that you have a beautiful smile.

When you hear orthodontics, the branch of dentistry focuses on crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth. It ensures that the teeth are aligned and in the proper place, not only as an aesthetic value but also to help in keeping the bite aligned. Here are the common procedures orthodontists perform:

Dental Braces

These are wire-based appliances used to correct misaligned, crowded, and crooked teeth. Usually, people get braces during their adolescence and may need a couple of years before they are removed. The primary goal of metal braces is to align the teeth and jaw to aid in chewing the food efficiently. The most common reasons people get braces is that they have crooked or overcrowded teeth, an overbite or overjet, an underbite, and an uneven bite. They also get braces if they have too much space between their teeth.

Self-ligating Braces

These look like metal braces, but they are less noticeable because they are made of a ceramic material. Also, clips are used to keep the brackets together instead of elastic bands, reducing the need for adjustments. These braces also use less friction to move the teeth, helping reduce irritation and making the treatment more comfortable for the patient.

Clear Aligners

Invisalign are used for mild misalignment that needs only minimal fixing. The advantage of using clear aligners is that they’re almost invisible. Other people may not notice right away that you have braces. Also, you can remove the aligners at any time, especially while eating and brushing your teeth. But it’s important to keep them on as much as possible.

Lingual Braces

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These are just like traditional metal braces, but they are better for aesthetics since they are invisible. The brackets and wires are attached at the back of the teeth. Using these braces is more efficient, especially if you are working or don’t want others to see the dental appliance. The drawback is that it’s also irritating at times, especially on the tongue.

Ceramic Braces

These can help you achieve the smile you want. A ceramic material is used as the base material for the braces, which is less irritating to the gums. They are also similar to metal braces, but they are unnoticeable. But since ceramic materials are expensive, the braces may cost you more. Also, they are less durable than metal braces.

Keeping the teeth beautiful, aligned, and clean are important goals of dentistry. For one, orthodontics makes sure that the teeth are aligned, including the bite to help in chewing the food better. Orthodontics and the practice have come a long way. It is important to help patients feel good about themselves, particularly in how they smile. Orthodontics helps them boost their confidence and self-esteem.

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