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Bring back the shine to your smile

In the last year, more people than ever have been forced to refrain from seeking out their dentist for cosmetic dental treatments. Having teeth that are stained, discoloured or chipped has become a common problem for a number of people across the country.

However, as normality slowly resumes, anyone who feels that their teeth could do with some professional attention should reach out to their trusted, local dental providers today and find out what cosmetic dental treatments are available to them.

Treating discoloured teeth

One of the most common problems that people have been recently turning to their cosmetic dentist to treat is discoloured or stained teeth. This may seem obvious, given the lack of cosmetic dental care which patients have been able to easily achieve.

There are several reasons why your enamel may become stained or discoloured over time, these include:

  • Smoking – Tobacco within cigarettes and other products have a tendency to cause staining and discolouration to your enamel. Over time this can worsen and become the root of many peoples social anxieties.
  • Dark fluids – Drinking high levels or rich or dark coloured fluids – such as black teas, coffees or red wines – can cause staining and marks to your enamel over time. Similarly, eating dark foods such as blueberries can cause marks or staining to your teeth.
  • Poor oral habits – Probably the most obvious cause of stained enamel is poor or infrequent brushing and flossing. If plaque is left on or between your teeth for some time it often develops into tartar which leaves a visible stain on the patient enamel.
  • Age – Sadly, as we get older the shade and brightens of our enamel fades over time. This happens regardless of how well or frequently you brush and can be distressing for many people, and cause them to seek out cosmetic dental whitening.

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How can dental whitening help?

One of the reasons that dental whitening treatment is so massively popular is because of its ability to transform the aesthetics of a patient’s smile in a remarkably short timescale.

When dental whitening is carried out within a dental practice it typically involves creating a dental retainer of each patient tooth shape.

They then place a small quantity of a hydrogen-peroxide based gel, which begins to work almost immediately by burning away and surface-level marks and stains. After just a short treatment session, patient’s can leave their dental practice the same day with a healthier, brighter looking smile.

Home whitening

Another massively popular option for dental whitening is through an ‘at home’ kit. These are most effective when they are provided by a reputable dental practice, rather than being bought on the internet.

The dental whitening kits which are provided by dentists are made from a mould of the patient’s teeth, and achieve similar results to in-practice whitening – only it is carried out over a longer period of time (generally 2 weeks).

The primary appeal of this method of dental whitening is that patients can carry out their treatment at a time and place which is convenient to them.

Anyone who is unhappy with the shade of their enamel should take action today and speak to a local professional about cosmetic whitening.

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