Making Your Health and Wellness Resolution Work for You

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Many people make resolutions to get in better shape or improve their overall health but often don’t know where to start or how to fit it into their already busy lives. Here are a few tips on making time for your health and still staying on track with your other resolutions!

Wake up earlier

One way to make time for your health and wellness resolutions is to wake up earlier. This gives you some extra time in the morning to work out, eat a healthy breakfast, or just relax and center yourself before the day starts. If you’re having trouble waking up earlier, try setting the alarm for a few minutes earlier each day until you gradually wake up earlier without needing an alarm.

Another way to make time for your health resolutions is to cut back on some of your other commitments. Maybe there are activities you can drop or reduce, so you have more time to focus on your health. Or, if possible, try to schedule your health-related activities for times of the day when you usually have less energy or are less busy.

Make time for exercise in your daily routine

To make time for exercise in your daily routine, you may need to get creative. If you usually spend an hour watching TV after work, try cutting that back to 30 minutes and using the extra half hour to go for a walk or do some other form of exercise. Or, if you can’t seem to find time to work out during the day, try working out at home in the evening. Many online workout programs and videos can help you get in a good workout without leaving your house.

Set a specific day for grocery shopping and stick to it

Grocery shopping should be planned and done on a specific day so that you have time to make a list, find the best deals, and not spend too much money. When you go grocery shopping without a plan, you’re more likely to buy things you don’t need or overspend on items. A set day for grocery shopping will also help keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy foods so you can always make quick and easy meals.

Plan out your meals ahead of time

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When you plan out your meals ahead of time, you’re more likely to make healthier choices. You’ll also save money by not buying food impulsively, and you’ll be less likely to order takeout or eat out at restaurants. One way to plan out your meals is to create a weekly menu with recipes that you know you’ll enjoy. You can also find meal ideas online or in cookbooks. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, try mixing and matching different dishes, so you have various options throughout the week.

Another way to plan out your meals is by preparing food in advance. This could mean cooking a big batch of quinoa or lentils on the weekend that you can use for salads or other dishes throughout the week or chopping up vegetables on Sunday, so you have them ready to eat during the week.

Schedule your doctor and dentist visits

One important way to make time for your health is scheduling your doctor and dentist visits. This way, you’ll know when they’re coming and can plan accordingly. It’s also a good idea to schedule other health-related appointments, like visits to the orthodontist or check-ups with your gynecologist. You may even be able to find a time that works for all of your appointments at the same place.

Make sure to schedule your trips to the doctor as well. You don’t want to have that appointment scheduled right before or during a vacation – it could be difficult to reschedule!

Avoid late-night snacking

Late-night snacking can be a major obstacle when making time for your health and wellness resolutions. When you eat late at night, you’re more likely to indulge in unhealthy foods that are high in calories and sugar. Not only is this bad for your waistline, but it can also interfere with your sleep schedule.

One way to avoid late-night snacking is to have a healthy snack before bed. This could be something like a piece of fruit or some yogurt, or you could try a protein shake or bar. If you’re really hungry, try eating a smaller dinner, so you’re not as hungry when you go to bed.


There are many different ways to make time for your health and wellness resolutions, even if you’re busy. You just need to be creative and find solutions that work for you. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all of your health goals!

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