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What do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? A beaming smile or a rather glum set of yellowing teeth?  In today’s image-obsessed society, feeling good about how you look matters more than it ever did, so grab help where you can by visiting your local dental practice for some cosmetic dentistry.

In big cities such as our capital, there are a whole host of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are available to help bring your confidence back in leaps and bounds!  But the list of solutions for your teeth is long and varied…so where to begin?

If it is purely a whiter smile that is your biggest desire, then teeth whitening could be the answer, whilst if you have had a tooth knocked out during a hockey match, it would be a tooth implant that you need.

But as you will soon see, for every pearly white problem there is a pearl of wisdom answer!

Want a blinding smile, then don’t be blinded by science!

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Choices, choices, choices … confusing?  It can be!  But your dentist will help you through the veritable rabbit warren maze of procedures to come to the best conclusion for the solution that is best for both you and your teeth.

For lightning your teeth there are two options, either to have this done in one sitting at your dental clinic or more gradually at home, using a mould and gel from your dentist.

Another way of improving your smile, which is a very safe procedure, is by swapping metal-coloured fillings with white fillings.

If you have crooked teeth and you fancy them a little whiter too, veneers can give you a double whammy, winning solution, by helping with a number of issues at once by changing the colour, size and shape of the tooth.

Sometimes, with very crooked teeth, the only answer is braces. But in today’s dental industry,  there is an innovative alternative, that of lingual braces.  This type of contemporary dentistry is a solution for the modern world and different from the normal front of teeth braces. The treatment involves, making an impression of the teeth and using this to design a metal bracket, specifically shaped to your teeth. Then these brackets are cemented on to the back of the teeth and attached with bands and wires.

As with most things in life,  prevention is better than cure and oral hygiene is of the utmost importance before and after any cosmetic work on your teeth.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ……

Many people take a real knock in self-confidence when they are embarrassed about their yellowing or crooked teeth. But in these modern times, the road to straight teeth and a white confidant smile can be made so much smoother, through new innovations and dental technology. Dental professionals will ensure that they will be with you every step of the way as you head towards your utopia of a beaming smile.

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