Tips for maintaining social media for dentists

Social media for dentists is an excellent tool for attracting a wider audience and communicating with them regularly, letting them know informally how important it is to have frequent dental checkups and maintain good dental hygiene routines. For successful social media for dentists, you need to create new posts daily or often as possible so that you can continue to maintain the attraction of your audience. If you are thinking about what to post next, speak to a digital dental marketing team for some inspirational ideas and examples of the type of posts that you should be sharing to attract new patients, build brand awareness and educate the public on the importance of dental health. Social media for dentists can help grow and build your dental practice, and by maintaining your social media account, you can boost the success of your business.

Educating the public

There are many different types of posts that you can create for your social media feed. A short video that provides your patients with some instructions or information that is relevant to their current treatment is an excellent way of attracting attention and educating your patients. For example, a significant percentage of your patients may wear braces, and you may wish to create a video that provides them with information on what to avoid when using braces.

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Social proof

If you have writer’s block, then an excellent way to create a post is to share patient reviews. You can check for some of your best reviews on Google or Facebook and highlight them by sharing them on your feed and letting people know about the excellent service and fantastic dental care that they will receive at your practice. If you have an influencer or a person who is well known within the community at your practice, then you may wish to ask them whether they can write a review for you or whether they are happy for you to share one of their reviews on your feed or stories. You can do this regularly and promote your practice.

In the same way, you may wish to share patient testimonial videos, which could also have a huge impact on attracting new patients to your clinic. This could also include a before-and-after picture of the patient and a quick discussion regarding the treatments that they underwent with you. This is known as social proof, and it can help build credibility and authority for you as a dentist, advertising to your followers on social media the kind of results that they can expect if they come and visit you. Patient reviews and testimonials have replaced word-of-mouth referrals, and more people than ever before read reviews before making a purchase or taking up a service; make the most of your five-star reviews by sharing them with your audience.

Speak to your digital dental marketing team today and find more ideas on how to maintain your social media account and how you can use social media to your great advantage.

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