What Do Average Days Look Like for Pain Management Doctors?

If you are wondering what an average day of a pain management doctor looks like, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, Dr Amon Hill gives us a sneak peek into his daily activities as a pain management doctor.

Dr Hill starts by introducing himself and explaining his purpose as a specialist doctor: relieving pain in your body. This could be any form of pain you can think of. From headaches to back aches and even muscle pain.

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Upon completing his four years of medical school, Dr Hill had to do his compulsory four years of in-service training and another year of fellowship. Here is what a normal day looks like:

1. Daily commute
Typically, Dr Hill travels from home to work every morning. In this video, he showed viewers his office. That’s where he prepares for all his daily activities.

2. Examination room
Dr Hill showed viewers his patient’s examination room. It has all the necessary items and machines he uses to diagnose pain. For Dr Hill to establish where pain comes from, he looks at your muscles and nerves. He uses a specific gel he squeezes on the patient’s arm. From there, he places a probe that assesses the muscles and figures out where the pain comes from.

3. The screen
Pain management doctors rely on a screen to determine the median nerve of each patient. All this is possible thanks to a screen that allows Dr Hill to see the source of your pain. According to Dr Hill, using the screen comes in handy when he has to diagnose people with a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

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