Treatments to Get Rid of Glasses, Braces, and Makeup

invisible braces

Braces and glasses are usually tied with the idea of puberty and childhood. But there’s no shame with improving yourself as an adult. A study has found that from age of 30, the more beautiful a person is, the healthier they are. Evidence also shows that attractive people tend to lead better careers. But if you balk at the idea of wearing bulky glasses and braces after high school, here are some ideas for you:

Invisible Braces

A study has shown that satisfaction in your teeth has a positive impact on behavior and self-confidence. With the help of technology, kids and adults alike can correct the placement of their teeth without sporting unattractive hardware. Because of clear dental aligners and effective bonded retainers, you can have the perfect smile minus the metal mouth. Because of the necessary maintenance, braces and retainers also encourage better tooth brushing.

If you’re still wary about it, remember that even celebrities have worn braces in the red carpet.

LASIK Surgery

Research shows that people’s self-confidence improved when they stopped wearing sunglasses. With LASIK, you don’t have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses ever again just by undergoing a painless treatment that takes less than 20 minutes.

The procedure stands for “laser in situ keratomileusis.” Although it’s understandable to feel intimidated, LASIK is FDA-approved and has been performed for 20 years. Unfortunately, not everyone with bad eyesight can be a candidate for the surgery. You have to consult a qualified doctor first to know if you can take the procedure.

lasik surgery

Laser Hair Removal

Body hair is associated with a women’s self-confidence, according to a study. It even found that body hair can affect women’s love lives.

For a permanent hairless body, you can start small: underarm, bikini line, or upper lip. Or go big and get rid of the hair on your legs. Unlike LASIK, the laser hair removal procedure doesn’t promise to be painless. A dermatologist has compared it to the feeling of “a rubber band being flicked against your skin multiple times.”

Another factor that differentiates it from eye surgery: it takes three to six sessions. But after the first couple of sessions, you’re bound to get used to the sting. It takes some time and suffering, but if you’re willing, you can get rid of waxing and shaving forever.

Permanent Makeup

A Penn State University blog post has found that wearing makeup can improve confidence among women. Naturally, it’s normal to seek that boost of confidence permanently and, lo and behold: permanent makeup. But the most important thing to know about cosmetic tattoos is that they don’t last forever.

Lip and eyebrow tattoos typically last around 12 months on your skin. One procedure can also take a couple of sessions to get achieve your desired look. Also, like any other tattoos, cosmetic face tattoos can hurt. If you’re sick of doing your makeup every day, this is the way for you.

There’s nothing wrong with caring and improving the way you look. According to author and makeup artist Scott Barnes, presenting the best version of yourself physically leads to empowerment and confidence. Lack of self-confidence can result in inaction and missing out on career opportunities. If you need to get braces for that self-assured smile, you should go for it.

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