Spot the Signs: Different Signs of Eating Disorders

eating disorder

An eating disorder has many signs that are often obvious, such as refusal to eat, dramatic weight loss, and staying inside the bathroom for long periods after meals. However, some other signs come in a way you cannot easily recognize.

So, how will you know if you have an eating disorder or someone you know has it? Since people may show different signs and symptoms, what are the things you need to look out for, so you can address the disorder immediately? Early detection is vital. This way, you or your loved one can receive a personalized care plan at any eating disorder treatment center in Westport or other areas before the issue leads to other serious illnesses.

Watch out for these subtle signs to get started:

Poor Self-Worth

Observe whether your loved one has an extremely poor body image. Do they always say “I’m so fat,” “I have no self-control,” or other similar phrases? Do they tend to misinterpret other people’s comments about their body that they take these words against them? Patients with eating disorders often have poor self-worth, so be sure to watch out for this sign.

Too Much Exercise

Don’t get confused about excessive exercise because this also happens with athletes. But unlike disciplined athletes, those with eating disorders tend to panic whenever they have to miss their exercise routine for a day. They also continue to work out even if they are sick or injured.
Eating in Public is Not Normal

A person who has an eating disorder fears the idea of eating in public. This is related to their body image and weight issues. They would rather eat alone than in public because they think other people would watch and judge the way they eat.

Food Rituals

Has your loved one developed strange eating rituals? Do they eat food in certain orders, keep on rearranging food on a plate before eating, or develop a habit of excessive chewing? People with eating disorders often feel overwhelmed when they are near food or have to eat. These rituals are a way to calm themselves down.

eating disorder

Dry Skin is Visible

Visible dry skin may be caused by dehydration. Apart from dry skin, a person who has an eating disorder may also experience dry mouth, severe electrolyte imbalance, and sunken cheeks and eyes.

Getting the Cold Feeling

As a result of low body fat and malnutrition, a person who has an eating disorder like anorexia, Bulimia, or binge eating might always feel cold. If someone you know complains a lot about getting cold or wears sweaters and heavy clothing under the mild weather, this is a major sign that should be taken seriously. If this symptom continues to occur, it can lead to hypothermia, which is a more serious condition.

If you think you have these signs or someone you know has it, seek some professional help before the condition gets worse. Eating disorders are not a simple disease. They can cause more serious conditions, and sometimes, can be fatal. Learn to deal with it as early as you can.

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