Five Reasons Why Southeast Asians Love Coffee So Much

If you’ve ever been to a Southeast Asian country, you know that coffee is a serious business. From Vietnam to Malaysia, coffee shops are seemingly on every corner, and locals can’t get enough of the stuff. But what is it about coffee that Southeast Asians love so much? Here are five possible explanations.

  • The caffeine kick: Let’s face it, most of us need coffee to get going in the morning. For Southeast Asians who often have to deal with tropical heat and humidity, coffee provides a much-needed pick-me-up that helps them get through the day.
  • The social aspect: In many Southeast Asian cultures, coffee shops are places to relax and catch up with friends. They provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life and are great places to watch people.
  • The price point: Coffee in Southeast Asia is relatively inexpensive compared to Western countries. Locals can indulge in their favorite beverage without breaking the bank.
  • The variety: Coffee shops in Southeast Asia often offer a wide range of hot and cold drinks, snacks, and light meals. This makes them ideal for any time of day, whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or an after-dinner treat.
  • The flavors: Many Southeast Asian coffees are made with unique flavorings like pandan, ginger, or coconut milk, which give them a unique taste that’s different from anything you’ll find elsewhere in the world.

coffee beans with coffee in a cup

There are a lot of reasons why Southeast Asians love their coffee. So next time you’re in the region, head to your local coffee shop and see what all the fuss is about! If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the best countries in the region that produce the best coffee.


Malaysia is a country with some of the most beautiful scenery in the region. The country receives over four million tourists annually, making it one of the most visited countries in the world. You can visit places like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, and Malacca. The country is also home to several coffee plantations where you can learn about coffee-making and even pick your beans!

One of the best coffee in the country comes in the form of instant coffee. The affordable Chek Hup 3-in-1 coffee is one of the best coffee you should taste. It uses roasted premium beans combined with a unique rock sugar that can only be found in the country. It’s healthier than other instant coffees on the market and much more affordable.


As the second largest coffee producer in the world, Vietnam is unsurprisingly a great place to get your coffee fixed. The country has a long history of coffee production and is home to some of the best coffee beans in the world. You can find Vietnamese coffee all over the world, but there’s nothing quite like drinking it in its homeland.

There are many different ways to enjoy Vietnamese coffee. The most popular method is ca phe sua da, which is iced milk coffee. Other popular variations include ca phe den (black coffee) and ca phe trung (egg coffee). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try kopi luwak, coffee made from beans that have been eaten and digested by a civet cat!


Indonesia is another major coffee-producing country in Southeast Asia. The country is home to many different ethnic groups and cultures, reflected in its food and drink. Coffee is an integral part of Indonesian culture and is consumed by people of all ages.

There are many different ways to enjoy coffee in Indonesia. One of the most popular is Kopi Tubruk; strong coffee served with sugar and milk. Another popular method is Kopi Joss, which is coffee mixed with charcoal. This gives the coffee a smoky flavor that’s unique to Indonesia.

No matter how you like your coffee, you’re sure to find a version you love in Indonesia.


Brunei is a small country located on the island of Borneo. The country is home to a wide range of different cultures and ethnicities. One of the most popular beverages in Brunei is coffee, which people of all ages consume.

There are many different ways to make coffee in Brunei. One of the most popular is Kopi Susu, which is coffee mixed with milk and sugar. Another popular method is Kopi Tarik, Brunei’s version of iced coffee. This refreshing drink is made by mixing coffee with ice and milk, then pulling it back and forth until it’s frothy.

Southeast Asia is a region that’s rich in culture and history. And coffee is an integral part of that culture. So next time you’re in the region, be sure to try some of the local coffee! You won’t be disappointed.

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