Why People Living Alone Should Take Self-Care More Seriously

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These days, more people are choosing to live solo. They want to experience being independent and want to take better control of their life. They wish to find fulfillment by delaying key milestones and chasing passion all by themselves.

The many perks of solo-living are what drive people to make the switch. But then, one thing most people living alone forget is to value self-care. Even if they have more time for themselves, they choose not to due to different reasons.

For one, many of us think self-care is selfish. We think we don’t deserve to indulge in self-care simply because we have too many responsibilities. But in reality, we owe ourselves more than we owe anyone else.

Why Everyone Living Solo Should Never Take Self-care for Granted.

  • You Are More Prone to Common Mental Disorders

According to a study, people who are into solo living are more at risk of depression. When you live all by yourself, it is easier to experience social isolation and loneliness. This, in turn, can have a huge impact on your mental health.

  • You Are in Charge of Your Resources

Living solo enables you to make more time to practice self-care. You are in charge of your living space, and finances. Since you have no one to think about other than yourself, this gives you more free reign on how to use your time, money, and space.

You are also in charge of everything, from how you manage your finances to what you eat every single day. If you simply indulge in fast food and won’t find time to manage your finances wisely, then it won’t be long until you have to move back home or find someone to split your bills with.

  • It Is Easy to Feel Bored

Even if you have all the things needed to make your day productive, it can be quite boring doing the same routine without anyone to share this with. Staying home alone and not spending time with your loved ones can be extremely boring at times. You might end up indulging in unhealthy habits that won’t for your health and wellness any good.

The cons of living solo can put you in a tricky situation. But when you indulge in self-care, you can turn things around. You will find it easier to be happier, healthier, and live a fulfilling life even if you have the place all to yourself.

Self-Care Tips for Solo Living Individuals

Don’t Take Pain Relief for Granted

One cardinal rule is to never take your health for granted. Aside from getting enough sleeping, staying active, and eating a nutritious diet, it becomes a must that you listen to your body. If you are in pain, there is no point in waiting for the pain to worsen before you get help.

For instance, you’ve been suffering from pain due to a recent car accident. There is no point in nursing your pain when there are different options available to provide treatment for your back pain. Even if no one else is bugging you to get yourself treated, make sure you get the necessary help you need.

Find Ways to Be Social


We all could use someone to lean on even if we are simply bored and wants to talk to someone. You living solo is not enough reason to keep yourself isolated from your loved ones. Now that you have no one but yourself to count on, make time to socialize, even if it is just once a week.

Use technology to reach out to long-distance family and friends. If you are ready to adopt a pet, then go ahead do so. Pet parenting is a great way to gain a companion who will teach you a thing or two about proper socialization.

You can also consider joining groups that you know you will enjoy spending time with. This can be a local volunteer group, a support group that understands your mental struggles, or even an online group where you can share your talent. There are an unlimited number of ways you can be social even if you live alone.

Create Your Ideal Space

An individual living alone has the opportunity to decorate their living space as they wish. This is the perfect time for you to declutter and create a space that will accommodate a healthy lifestyle. Decorate as you wish while keeping in mind your health and happiness.

For instance, once you are done decorating your home while showing your personality, add items that will enable you to practice self-care. This can range from having a great bed, a cute vanity for your hygiene and grooming materials, and a pantry full of healthy food items. Don’t forget about investing in things that will inspire you to stay active, such as dedicating a space for yoga or an outdoor living space where you can play with your pooch.

Living solo is the perfect excuse to indulge in self-care. You have no one else to worry about yourself. You got your own living space that enables you to do everything as you please. Instead of using this time to sulk and feel lonely, turn things around by saying yes to better self-care.

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