Preparing to Go Under the Knife

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Undergoing surgery can be a grueling prospect. The thought of going under the knife is not something to take lightly. Regardless of the type of surgery, it can be a significant cause of anxiety and restless nights. That’s understandable. Fear is about being frightened of the unknown. With surgery being such an alien concept to the average person, getting anxious is a very human reaction. Don’t worry.  There’s no need to get scared. There are many ways to combat this fear. While they might not alleviate all your worries, they can go a long way in calming you and quieting your doubts.


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The easiest way to not get scared is to learn about your operation. Take a few days to understand how things will all down. Ask your doctor about the procedure and consult reliable internet sites. Most of the time, your fears are unfounded. A stunning number of 48 million surgeries were performed in the USA back in 2009. With that in mind, the knee replacement surgery you’re afraid of might not be so bad when you realize that so many others have had it as well.

Take the time to learn about your doctors or surgeons as well. In places like Orem, surgeons are all skilled professionals and are well equipped to deal with any problem. Knowing about them should prove to you that you’re in capable hands.

Another way to prepare yourself is to learn how to channel your doubts through other means. Calisthenics can take your mind off troubling things. Video games, movies, and books all help, and eating healthy food can keep your spirits high. Making sure to stick to a daily routine also helps in keeping your confidence in good shape. Above all else, it’s crucial that your mental health is in good condition, so you can adequately prepare for the operation day.

Do not forget to listen to your doctor’s advice, too.  Of all the things you should be afraid of, inexperience should be the least of your worries. Your doctor is the person most qualified in helping you get through this. Follow his advice whenever you can. Whatever he says, these things are meant to help you, not harm you.


The most important thing to keep in mind is to not lose hope. Don’t get scared. Half the battle isn’t on the operating table; it’s getting to it. Anxiety will only do you more harm than good, preventing you from relaxing and causing you undue stress. Overcome your fear if it’s possible.

In the end, you should remember that your doctors are all trained and reliable. Your operation is one of many more that will happen soon. In the hands of trained personnel, you have little to fear. If you need more assurance, you can ask your friends and family to accompany you right up till operation day. Their calming presence can be of great help, and their support is priceless in seeing you through this trying time.

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