Orthodontic treatments and why Invisalign Welwyn might suit you best


Cosmetically appealing aligners.

When in search of a method to perfect your smile there are just two main considerations that most people have to think about before beginning to invest in their smile. The first being how cosmetically damaging it may be to your image during treatment and the second being whether or not the pain will be worth the hassle. Luckily, modern advances within dentistry as a whole, both in knowledge and equipment, has ensured that these are now two fewer things to worry about. Clear, comfortable aligners are here to work with the patient ensuring that treatments are not put off and most certainly do not impact the individuals day to day life in a negative way.

Fitting into your daily life in a seamless manner.

Aligners unlike traditional brace methods are there to ensure that the majority of the treatment’s control is down to the patient. They can be easily removed at home without needing endless appointments to make adjustments via delicate screws. Blisters from rubbing on the gums are extremely unlikely as the clear plastic material is moulded specifically from photos and x-rays of the patient’s teeth. Most importantly there is minimal discomfort caused as the teeth are gently pushed into place allowing a gradual improvement to be made during everyday life.

Whilst hiding behind the face mask may seem like the only option, it is far from it as these aligners are so inconspicuous that they are only fractionally noticeable up close and therefore your smile can be confident even during treatment.

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Visualising the end goal.

When deciding upon an approach to change the alignment of your teeth, being able to visualise the outcome is always helpful and assists with keeping you on track throughout the treatment. Whilst having a removable retainer certainly has a lot of positive aspects to it, for those who tend to waiver on the treatment plan, visualising what your perfected smile could become assists people with keeping on track. It is easier to follow a plan knowing what the end result is than it is to follow blindly in hope that a change occurs. This is why during the initial consultation a 3D animated treatment plan will be provided using the photographs taken.

The aim is to ensure that the patient is able to always visualise what they can achieve when following the plan laid out by the dental team.

What happens once the goal is achieved?

Once the desired result has been achieved, after the treatment is complete, it is important to ensure that the new dazzling smile is maintained ongoing. Teeth can slowly drift back into their original positions and therefore a final aligner will be provided to be worn ongoing to avoid this undesired shift and maintain the new positioning with ease.

Please note, there are potential risks with all dental treatments and procedures carried out. All patients are therefore advised to seek further information and advice from their local dental team on any mentioned within this article.

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