Maintaining Your Tummy Tuck Results with Lifestyle Pointers


Do you plan on having a tummy tuck in the future but are afraid you won’t be able to keep the effects post-surgery? Did you already get your tummy tuck, but you have no idea what to do now? This article is exactly what you need. We go into what you must do to keep the results of the said procedure in the long run.

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tucking, is a procedure done by plastic surgeons to remove skin and fat from the abdomen. Having a toned abdomen is something that many individuals would want for a variety of reasons. Some people do it for the aesthetics of a more contoured body, while others want to get rid of stretch marks in the area. Regardless of why you’re getting a tummy tuck, maintaining its results can be hard for some patients. Even though not everybody has the same level of discipline, these lifestyle and fitness tips can help you make sure you enjoy your tummy tuck’s result for a longer time.

Healthy Diet

Although there aren’t any restrictions for the food you can intake after a tummy tuck, it would be best if you maintained a light diet for several days after your procedure. Go for a soft diet of cereals, soups, yogurt, and more. Raw vegetables and fruits are also a great option. For liquids, stick to clear ones like water. But once you get back to your regular diet, it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever. Your fat cells can still grow, so you should keep the following things in mind for you to sustain your tummy tuck results:

  • Avoid drinking soda as it has no nutrition and would only contribute to gaining weight, especially in the tummy section. Also, caffeine is an active ingredient of soda, which causes dehydration. Studies show that soda is one reason why many people go obese.
  • Junk food is harmful to the body because it was made of unhealthy ingredients. They often give you a high dose of sugar and calories in just one sitting, leading to unwanted weight gain. Also, a person will become deficient in nutrients and vitamins upon continuous intake.
  • Reduced sugar consumption helps a person to have strong bones, which are fundamental in conducting workouts. Moderation is a must in doing this, as low blood sugar level is dangerous to one’s health.
  • Drink lots of water to increase your blood oxygen level and to allow your body to work properly.
  • Getting adequate sleep greatly contributes to your productivity because it recharges your body and mind. Whenever you wake up, you will feel refreshed and positive, which makes it easier for you to avoid foods that are not healthy.

healthy foods

Disciplined Workout

Besides keeping your diet healthy, a workout full of discipline is a great factor in maintaining your tummy tuck results. Create a customized exercise routine that you are comfortable with. As time goes by, increase its difficulty level. Make the tummy section a top priority during those workouts. You can keep track of your progress by jotting everything down in a journal. Never forget the essentials, namely, the weighing scale and tape measure. Here are other workout tips that will help you become motivated:

  • Set your goals by asking yourself these: “What is it that I wanted to attain so bad?” “What is my desired body figure?” “Will this make me more confident?”
  • Enjoy little things to keep yourself entertained for the entire duration of the process.
  • Treat every sweat as a baby step to your goals.
  • List down all exercise benefits that you could acquire. Write these on a large-sized poster and display them in your workout area.
  • Have someone work out with you, whether it may be your family member or your friend.
  • Often meditate to enhance your sense of focus and attentiveness.
  • Be proud of yourself every day for striving hard. With that, you will persevere more.
  • Always think that there are things you cannot do, but others can, and there are things that others cannot do, but only you can. Therefore, appreciate and celebrate your peculiarity.
  • Go back to the basics by asking yourself the reasons you underwent a tummy tuck surgery.


Since most of our relationships get better with proper communication, communicate with your plastic surgeon. It lessens misunderstanding and fills the gap between two parties. They are the ones who can give you professional advice on achieving your body goals. It is also empowering on your part because they will thoroughly explain the treatment. Be keen on whatever information they will provide. Ask when you are confused about something. Just ensure that you are realistic with your expectations because they will be glad to guide you. Remember that they are not in their profession without reason.

In conclusion, the key to maintain tummy tuck results involves having a healthy diet, a disciplined workout, and communication. While these tips may be hard for others, it’s worth a try if you want to achieve your desired outcome.

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