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Enter the matrix

Have you ever wondered how you would fare against a horde or alien invaders? Or how long could you survive as waves of zombies attempt to break in? Whilst these scenarios are ones best left in the realms of fiction, today – thanks to the wonders of modern technology – you can experience the closest possible thing (without having your brains eaten) through a fully immersive, lifelike virtual reality experience in London. Through innovative, cutting-edge digital programming, you and your closest friends can feel as though you are actually submerged within a virtual world of endless possibilities, beyond the limitations of reality.

What is a virtual reality experience in London?

In recent years, VR (virtual reality) has reached heights that were previously reserved for the pages of comic books. Across the world, virtual reality experience centres have begun to emerge which allow customers and their friends to leave boring, physics and gravity ruled reality and play within a digital one. Through a headset which allows you to look and hear in 360˚, and armed with a blaster or weapon of your choosing, you and your team can wander freely within a spacious room as you navigate through the challenges presented to you through the headset. For the first time ever, you are not merely ‘playing’ a video game, but actually living it. The first of free-roaming VR centres to open in Europe was in Amsterdam, and since then they have become massively popular and are now found all over the world.

Why visit a VR experience centre?

Home-VR sets have existed for the past few decades in some capacity or other, although they are often fairly expensive and as such cannot be enjoyed by everyone. By visiting a VR centre however, children and adults alike who would otherwise never have the chance can now explore and engage with the virtual world to their heart’s content. Another benefit to VR centres over owning your own headset is the social nature of the centre. Whilst no parent wants their child to sit alone playing video games in their room all day, VR centres make it a social hub. Similar to video game arcades of the 80s and 90s, VR centres are places where like minded people can meet in a safe environment and interact socially with each other – within a digital world.

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Other applications of VR

As you can imagine, VR centres are massively popular with children, who flock to them daily to play their favourite VR games such as Minecraft. Although they are not purely reserved for gamer children, and actually have several other, more adult functions. Many centres offer adult painting classes, whereby adults can practice painting techniques within a virtual setting, which can then later be replicated within the physical world. Also VR centres have been used to help adults overcome their fears or phobias by exposing them to scenarios such as extreme heights or particular animals, within a perfectly safe environment. This, again can help them in the outside world if ever they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

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