Keeping the Virus at Bay while Enjoying the Fourth of July Celebrations

These days, it’s easy to be caught up in the rising optimism that’s being observed all over America. Yes, why not chime in on the fun and be in celebratory mode, right? With vaccines being rolled out in just about every place in America, people are rearing to go and get all the fun they can find. Just a quick look at the current NBA playoffs with thousands of people in attendance is telling. Where there used to be but cartoon standing, the seats in these sports arenas are being filled, albeit not in full capacity.

Truth be told, however, you never really can’t let your guard down when it comes to the virus. As confident as America may be today, spates of infections are still heard all over the land. The recent super spreader party in February this year, in Long Island, is a glorious example. An off-campus party by students has resulted in a host of students becoming COVID-19 positive. The sad result? Long Island in-person learning along with athletic activities have been canceled.

We don’t want anything like that to happen, that’s for sure. But we also can’t cancel the Independence Day celebrations. If you’re set on being there when the fireworks adorn the sky, then keeping a few key essentials in mind should be wise.

Celebrate at Home with Your Home Buddies

Well, you need not wear camouflage and boots and dance around town like a spirited soldier to celebrate Independence Day. No, sir. There’s no need to flaunt your patriotism for everyone to see. Instead, you can celebrate at home.

Yes, the thought could be revolting to you. It’s perhaps the day when America starts to come alive after being strangled by the COVID-19 protocols.

Take note, however, that it may yet be too early to let our guards down. The safest place to be on the Fourth of July is your precious abode. Unless you invite an army of friends, you should be safe and sound. Take it all in stride, however. Here’s a long list of fun and patriotic ways you can celebrate the day at home.

Wear a Mask and Observe CDC Protocols

surgical masks

If you choose to venture on the Fourth of July, don’t forget to protect yourself always, especially true if you’re around a crowd of people. And that’s to always keep your mask on no matter what. Also, it would be wise if you can bring along a hand sanitizer as you’ll never know who you bump into. Take note that the virus can also exist in door handles and other materials.

And yet, the greatest danger you can face in the outside world is being infected by a COVID-19 carrier. This is why CDC safety protocols can be your best line of defense against the virus.

Bear in mind that the virus affects each of us differently. Over the months during the pandemic, pundits have shown that people with comorbidity are worst affected by the virus. For one, those who suffer from high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes are more likely to succumb to the virus faster.

Also, people who are overweight and obese are expected to get worse when infected faster than those of normal weight. If you’re heavier than you should be, now may not be the time to meet the crowds. Also, you should consider shedding those extra fats seriously. If you’re finding it to be an uphill climb, talking to a weight loss specialist should be wise. He can not only help you slim down but also most importantly, he can help you do it correctly.

Prefer to Go Out of the House

If socializing is a must, it’s best you do it outside your precious abode. Having fun inside your house can mean the virus could transfer via aerosols. And with the doors and windows closed, it could easily transfer from one person to another.

When you celebrate outside, you get greater airflow allowing respiratory droplets containing the virus to disperse into the wide ether. And yet, if you have to celebrate inside, make sure you open all the windows for better ventilation.

Skip the Beaches and Pools

Let’s face it. The greater the density of people, the greater your chances of getting the virus. So as much as possible, skip pools and beaches. Think about it. You really can’t control things in a super-crowded place.

The temptation to dive into the pool and enjoy the crowd (something you haven’t done for so long) can be real. That desire can certainly heighten if you’re in the state of New York as beaches are set to open on July 1. One way to deter such a pull is to think about friends who passed away during the pandemic. That should tell you to cherish the life that you have now.

The same holds true for bars. Over time, public drinking places have been notorious for being super spreaders. It’s a perfect storm. You have music, you have all sorts of people coming in and out and with all the wine people can lose their inhibitions and mingle.

Celebrating your Fourth of July is definitely a great idea. There’s no need to lose your head, however. Even with all the fun, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. To that end, you just have to exercise caution to come out of the celebration alive and well.

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