Hospice Care Truths Everyone Needs to Know

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Finding out that a loved only have a few months left to live is devastating news no one wants to receive. However, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many people get diagnosed with debilitating illnesses each day, usually in their terminal stages. This is where we can find comfort in knowing that there are places we can go for help, in our time of need. Hospice care services are among the things we can consider to help lighten the burden.

While there are common misconceptions about hospice care, here are four things that will help clear the matter for you, and allow you to make a sound decision.

Hospice is a service, not a place

Many think that hospice is a place where you take your loved one so they can receive the best care and treatment management. In reality, such a service can happen everywhere that the patient considers home. One can receive hospice care in a hospital, a nursing home, or even in a community where they stay for assisted living. However, most people choose to receive care right in the comfort of their own home.

It is not a contract, but an option

Patients can choose to stay or revoke the service if they want. There are cases when end-of-the-line patients decide to stop hospice care for whatever reason. Your loved one can make a decision to continue or stop the care whenever they want. There are no valid or invalid reasons when revoking their status.

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It is not a service for everyone.

Knowing the right time for hospice is essential. One will have to be eligible for hospice before they can receive such service. Patients whose doctors claim they only have a life expectancy of six months or less are qualified for hospice. One can also be eligible if they no longer want to receive treatment or if there is no more cure for their illness.

Families and the patient’s doctor can be part of the care

Hospice does not restrict family members and the patient’s attending physicians from caring for the patient. In fact, these two groups are an essential part of the care. By being there for your loved one, you get to spend valuable time with them as well as make yourself ready for the coming days and months. You can make your loved one’s remaining days more memorable. As for the patient’s doctor, they are an essential part of the time to bring the best care and in making sure your loved one is comfortable.

Hospice care has many benefits not only for the patient but to their loved ones as well. It can help your loved one live longer, and be as comfortable as possible. It helps give your loved one a sense of dignity while helping you cope with the eventuality of their passing. With all the other benefits of hospice, there is no reason not to consider this option. It might just be the best decision for your family and your loved one.

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