Beat Aging: How to Feel Younger Than Your Age

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If you feel like you’re 60 going on 50, your health will most likely benefit. Studies show that feeling younger than your age can protect you from the adverse effects of stress.

Research conducted by the German Center of Gerontology concluded that people who generally feel younger have a protective shield against stress, promoting stress-related health problems. The study showed that the participants who feel younger do not stress themselves with the vulnerability that comes with age, such as poor mental and physical health.

As you grow old, you will realize that age is definitely just a number. And you’re the only person responsible for feeling old or young. While we cannot avoid our next birthday and the additional number on our age, how we approach life can make a massive difference.

Feeling young isn’t just about dressing cool or staying trendy. It’s about keeping your vitality as you age. Most people don’t even feel old, despite aging. So no matter what stage you are in life, maintaining a positive outlook and keeping a good lifestyle will help you maintain a youthful mind frame.

So how can you feel younger than your age? Here are some tips.


Supporting a cause is one of the best ways to engage with other people and help your community. It gives you a sense of purpose and something to be busy with. Besides, it allows you to have a relationship with young participants.

Furthermore, volunteering isn’t just perfect for your mental health. As a matter of fact, most studies agree that people beyond 50 years of age that participate in community charities can benefit from physical and mental improvements, such as endurance and increased strength. A rewarding activity like volunteering can help you discover more things about yourself you’ve never noticed before.

Join Social Clubs

Many studies have shown that socializing is critical in improving emotional wellness. Being active and staying engaged is essential in emotional and cognitive health. As we get older, it becomes quite challenging to organize get-togethers, which may cause sadness and depression. The best way to fill this void is by joining clubs you’re interested in.

By joining social clubs, you will have a chance to develop a network of friends and enjoy your life more. You can join clubs about religion or hobbies, but there are clubs for older people who are purely social.

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Grandchildren

One of the best ways to feel younger is by maintaining a relationship with young people, particularly your grandkids. If you’re not quite busy and want to interact with energetic people, your grandkids are the best companions.

Take your grandchildren to the park, eat ice cream with them, or teach them how to ride a bike or skate. You can also enroll them in music, art, or ballroom classes for children and accompany them in each session. That way, you can spend time with them and support their passion at the same time. Do whatever you can to build a strong and healthy relationship with your grandchildren. They can make you feel and look young as you will always be laughing together.

Start a Hobby

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Retired people often have so much free time. So why start a hobby? Any hobby that will make you feel involved and active can also make you feel younger. As we grow older, our kids begin to build their own lives, moving to another state or city. And while that thought may seem sad, it’s actually allowing you to focus on yourself and enjoy your life. Play the guitar, learn how to paint, or bake some cookies! Find an activity you find meaningful, and you will be surprised by the hidden talents you have.

Get Out of the House

You will feel younger if you spend more time outdoors. Surprisingly, fresh air and the rays of the sun can be rejuvenating. Sunlight promotes the production of serotonin, a chemical that boosts our mood and makes us feel happier. That is why it’s crucial to step out of the sun once in a while.

You don’t really have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes, gardening, a quick trip to the park, biking, or having coffee in your backyard can do the trick. Doing so can give you a refreshing feeling as you become one with the environment.

Pamper Yourself

Regardless of your age, pampering yourself is essential. It’s an activity that will help you reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. Get a mani-pedi, some hair treatment, or indulge yourself in a relaxing Thai massage. Do anything that makes you happy to boost your spirit and refresh your inner glow.

Feeling old and looking old are two different things. You can be 78, but that does not mean that you can longer enjoy your life. On the contrary, now is the best time for you to be more active to keep yourself strong and healthy as you enjoy your life guilt-free.

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