Curious about invisible aligners? 5 common FAQs answered


Having misaligned teeth at any age can be a bit of a drag. They can impact your confidence, cause issues with eating and create problems with speech too. As an adult, you may believe, as many people do, that the ship has sailed on you being able to correct any misalignments you may have without the use of heavy, orthodontic braces. However, as technologies have advanced, there may be another option you may have overlooked; invisible aligners.

Made from clear, malleable plastic, these aligners are custom-fitted to slot over your teeth and are designed to help correct issues ranging from minor spacing to more severe malocclusions like overbites and underbites. As these aligners offer an advanced treatment option for many patients, you can begin the treatment in preparation for an upcoming event, like a wedding or graduation.

But, before you rush off to book a consultation, you probably have some questions. Here, 5 of the most common questions, about Invisalign St John’s Wood, are answered.

 Is it expensive?

In short, no. While invisible aligners can appear expensive, many dental surgeries are able to offer patients financing options. This will help you to spread out the cost of the aligners. When searching for a provider of this aligner, this may be an area to look into depending on your amount of disposable income.

How long does it take?

The aligners, on average, take between 3-6 months to work. However, if you have a more complex case of misalignment, it can take up to a year to straighten your teeth. For the aligner to work, you need to keep it in for over 22 hours per day and apply the aligners in the correct order. Failure to do so can halt the treatment or even reverse it altogether.

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Can it fix a crossbite?

This will depend on the severity of the crossbite; if it is minor or moderate, then the aligner can definitely fix it. As is the way with any orthodontic tool, the key is to find a dentist who knows how to use the tool successfully. Based on an initial consultation with such a professional, you will know which treatment is suitable for your orthodontic issue.

Could it impact my teeth if I leave it out?

Technically, no. Nevertheless, leaving the aligner out of your mouth can impact your orthodontic treatment, causing your teeth to move back into their original positions.

Can it damage the roots of my teeth?

There is a concern among dental patients that invisible aligners can cause irreversible damage to their teeth and roots. This is not the case, especially with aligners. Yes, they move the roots and the crowns of the teeth in succession but, provided that your roots and teeth are healthy and age-appropriate (over 18 years old), there is no evidence that they will become damaged with any kind of brace or aligner.

For more information, on whether you are suitable for invisible aligners or other orthodontic tools, contact your local dental clinic.

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