Could An Orthodontist in Liverpool Help Align Your Potential?


Having straight teeth pays off

It is estimated that within just a fraction of a second from meeting somebody new, you have already formed an opinion of their entire character and whether or not you will get on. This is an evolutionary, primitive throwback, but one which plays a vital role in every social interaction which we have. Whilst looks can be deceiving, a massive part of what forms our initial opinion of somebody is based on how they look – and a large amount of that is based around their teeth.

Studies have found that people who have straight, healthy teeth are more likely to be viewed upon as successful and trustworthy. The opposite is said to be true for those who have crooked, misaligned or missing teeth. In today’s world, image consciousness has never held such importance, and therefore anyone who is currently living with crooked and poorly aligned teeth ought to speak to an orthodontist in Liverpool to begin treatment and open up their true potential.

Is orthodontics really that important?

With the obvious social implications previously mentioned put to one side, there are still a number of important reasons for why someone with poorly aligned teeth ought to speak to an orthodontist. Patients who have badly aligned teeth are far more susceptible to developing gum issues such as periodontal disease. This is when the root of a patient’s tooth becomes infected and inflamed, and is commonly indicated by spitting blood when brushing.

Patients who have poorly aligned teeth are more susceptible to gum disease as the likelihood of having difficult-to-reach areas between their teeth in which plaque can form is increased as their teeth are misaligned. Other problems which are commonly faced by those who have crooked teeth include an increased difficulty when chewing and eating, which can also be the cause of a great deal of social embarrassment and anxiety.

What are my orthodontic options?

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Nowadays, the world of conventional orthodontics offers patients such an array of treatment options. In the past, options were severely limited to traditional metallic braces only, although now there are far more ‘cosmetic’ options which let patients realign their teeth without the treatment impacting the way they look. These treatments have grown massively in their popularity over the last decade, particularly with teenagers and young adults who may wish to align their teeth, but in such a way that it will not attract any scrutiny.

Cosmetic dental aligners

One revolutionary new form of ‘cosmetic’ orthodontics which has become one of the most widely sought out methods of treatment, is the removable dental aligner system. Unlike most other forms of orthodontics, this method does not require that anything be attached directly to the patient’s teeth. Rather, a custom made retainer is created using a thin, specialised dental plastic. This retainer has specifically and deliberately placed pressure points built within its structure, which gently and gradually shift the patients teeth into their proper shape. One of the main advantages to this method of orthodontics is – unlike conventional treatments – the retainer can be periodically taken out at the patient’s choosing. This, coupled with the discreet nature of the treatment has made this one of the most popular forms of orthodontics in the country today.

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