Career Crossroads: What to Do When You Have Too Many Career Ideas

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It’s frustrating not having a clue what to do with your career, but it’s equally upsetting to have too many ideas. You’re stuck in a cycle of analysis paralysis as you try to settle on one, and yet you don’t want to choose. Facing so many windows of opportunities, you’re afraid to open one because it means not being able to see the others. So, you just stand there from a distance and look at your options. What do you do in these career crossroads?

The Case of Pursuing Everything

If you don’t want to choose just one, then go after all the opportunities. When you’re able to do a deep dive on all, sooner or later, you’ll find something that will stand out and that’s when you can narrow down your choices. Juggling different types of work isn’t unheard of, as you might have known already. A lot of people do it (Case in point: the millennials) and experience success and a sense of fulfilment in it.

One thing you should consider here though is time, obviously. You won’t be able to make the most of your “immersion,” make it possible even, when your schedule is too tight. You have to look for jobs that not only align with your preferences, but would also offer some sense of flexibility in terms of work hours. This way, you can be a writer by day, a social media page administrator by night, and then an esthetician, an expert at makeup on the weekends. You should also note that it’s okay not to dive deep completely. It’s okay, sometimes wiser even, to test the waters first.

For instance, if you’re still exploring your career as an esthetician, you can take short courses, like eyebrow tattooing or lash extension training. Sydney-based career experts explain that this can give you a foretaste of what it’s like in the industry and would then help you decide if you really want to pursue such a path. The same applies to being a content or brand marketer. You can enrol in digital marketing programs so you’ll have a glimpse to the real thing.

The Search for Passion

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It’s easy to get burned out when you’re juggling different careers all at once. Not only because of the physical demands of the jobs, but more so on the risk of losing yourself in the process. How? Well, let’s take again the example above. When you’re getting into the beauty, publishing, and marketing industry all at once, you’ll quickly find yourself confused as to what exactly you’re driving at with your career choices. It can feel like you have no idea what you’re doing in these completely varying jobs. That can easily discourage you and bring feelings of regret, that you should’ve just stuck to one in the beginning.

You can avoid burnout and these negative emotions, however, when you’re sure of one thing: your passion. And the interesting fact about passion is that you got it already — it’s the reason you’re exploring these different opportunities. The only problem is, people are almost always just not aware of their passions. How do you find it? Look at your work preferences. Look for that one common theme that ties them all. You may just come to the realization that being a writer, a social media expert, and an esthetician is about making things beautiful, in words, in an online image, and, well, in eyebrows.

Not having a clue what to do with your career is a drudgery. But so is having too many career ideas. When you’re stuck in that rut, take the unconventional route of pursuing everything and finding purpose amidst the “chaos.”


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