Your Worst Enemies Are Byproducts Of Destructive Habits

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No matter what anyone says, self-care will always be important because how much we give and show to the world should be equal parts present in how we treat ourselves. In essence, it’s what keeps us in balance, promotes contentment, and helps us get through our toughest times with our chin held up high and still optimistic despite the struggles.

However, most people misconstrue the substance behind self-care, only taking it at face value as simply pampering yourself, taking a day off, indulging in some entertainment, and other forms of relaxation.

In reality, self-care is about reaching a balance in your life and should always start by reflecting on your habits that may be regressing your steps forward and taking away value instead of adding to your character. So, before you sing the praise of wellness and take a break, you should give yourself a proper self-evaluation because it’s always the destructive habits that create our worst enemies.

Excessive Drinking and Stress Eating

Nothing beats cracking open a few cold ones and whipping up a delicious serving of fresh tacos after a hard day’s work. It’s quite possibly the embodiment of bliss on a plate, especially if you’re surrounded by your favorite group of friends and loved ones just admiring the sunset on late Friday.

But, when this habit of drinking and eating goes from a means of relaxing to a venue for coping with stress, it begins to lose its appeal as a healthy form of relaxation and socialization, spiraling down into a destructive habit.

And if you think your eating and drinking escapades are happening far too often and resemble too closely that of someone with an addiction or highly volatile emotions, we strongly recommend getting immediate help and seeking advice from your support system. In this situation, all that drinking and stress eating is just digging you a deeper hole.

Giving Career Stressors a Free Pass

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Apart from meals and beverages, it’s becoming disastrously common to see people give their careers a free pass for all the stress and anxiety it brings because it’s all for the sake of success and future comfort. And while the best outcomes and opportunities are often forged in flames and adversity, let’s not forget that even the best people crumble under the weight of too much burden.

You see, careers should be fulfilling and meaningful, and while stressful situations are a common denominator when reaching for a goal, it shouldn’t be an everyday thing that’s constantly weighing you down. And when it does get this bad, all that stress and negativity seeps into other parts of your life and deprives you of your sanity.

Plus, it can also highlight inconsistencies in your workload and time management, two very essential characteristics that support work-life balance.

Goal-Oriented With a Failure Mindset

Being goal-oriented and ambitious is a great all-around perspective to take on life, and while it sometimes oversteps into the realm of too much optimism, this nature does help keep things on track and encourages sustainable progress. Sadly, however, people nowadays often match goal-orientedness with a failure mindset, which is quite possibly the most counterproductive duo you will ever find.

For example, you could’ve made the conscious decision to turn your fitness around for the rest of your life, but at the back end of your brain, you’re still constantly doubting its possibility and second-guessing the effort you invest.

Others might see this as a hint of pragmatism, but there is no justification for clouding your thoughts with negative emotions that don’t add anything to your life and only belittle your milestones. So, you’re much better off having faith in yourself and letting go of this bad habit.

Spending Too Much Time on Social Media

Last but not least, one of the most destructive habits that create cascading mental health problems and issues with self-esteem is rooted in spending too much time on social media. Sure, there’s nothing inherently wrong with keeping up with your friends online and laughing at a few memes, but attaching almost 80% of your day to a screen is never healthy.

What’s worse, most social media platforms tend to brew jealousy, negativity, and toxicity, giving these types of posts and trends the most engagement. In fact, it even takes you from the most engaging post to the next to keep you staring for longer, eating away at precious hours that could be better spent elsewhere.

Keep Things In Moderation, and You’ll Be Fine.

If you find yourself guilty of nearly all the habits mentioned above, don’t worry too much because it’s not the end of the world. The cure is to practice these things in moderation and give yourself an equal opportunity to relax. So, feel free to visit your local spa clinic for their breakthrough laser hair removal machines and stop by the nearest hair parlor from time to time.

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